Exclusive: Singer Neha Bhasin Talks About The Side-Effects Of Fat Pills, Says “I Had Suicidal Thoughts”

She is a strong woman!

It’s Monday and the new episode of The Male Feminist is here. Singer Neha Bhasin graced the show with her presence and talked about many aspects of her life. She opened up about her struggle with body shaming and how she tackled the various stereotypes in the industry. The Punjabi singer also revealed how she was forced into taking fat pills to reduce weight and also discussed the side effects of the medication.


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In Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, singer Neha Bhasin recalled her days in Viva and how it made her struggle against Image Dysmorphia. Neha said, “I was not aware of it before joining the Viva band. It is a very strong feeling of hatred towards yourself and the way you look, and it is mostly because of what others think about you. Also, it is a downside to being a public figure as you are objectified at a young age and there is a lot of pressure too.”


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Neha Bhasin also recalled the time in Viva and said, “We used to earn 25,000 each and were measured every day. We were given 5000 increments only if we collectively lost weight. That was the time when the managers put me on fat pills.” The singer further added, “The fat pills apparently caused me suicidal thoughts and depression”

Neha Bhasin On Fat Pills

In the latest episode of The Male Feminist, singer Neha Bhasin also shed some light on the side effects of fat pills. Elaborating on the same, she said, “Fat pills have literally 10-15 cups of caffeine. You don’t feel hungry throughout the day, and anxiety hits you. Your capability of workout increases and  you lose a lot of water.”


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Neha Bhasin’s Shocking Revelation

Singer Neha Bhasin recalled an incident when she was body-shamed by her managers in front of everyone. She said, “It was a discussion for Jago Zara remix video. They put the song on the screen and made a circle on my stomach to show me how fat I am.” Neha further talked about her reaction to the situation and said, “I left home and I was not talking to my band.” Neha further made the shocking revelation and said, “I went back home and had the whole bottle of fat pills, and went delirious that night. Even my mother does not know about this till now.”

Neha Bhasin further said she could never imagine doing something to a 17-18-year-old that her managers did to her when she moved to Mumbai.

You can watch the whole The Male Feminist video here.


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