Exclusive: “What Is An Orgasm, A Good Or A Bad Touch?” Kriti Kharbanda On The Many Things That Schools Should Teach

We agree with her!

Celebrities are often known for speaking the truth on talk shows and social media. Spilling facts, many celebrities also talk about some very core issues that society fails to pinpoint. Doing exactly so is actress Kriti Kharbanda, who sat down with Hauterrfly’s Siddharth Aalambayan for an exclusive chat on The Male Feminist. Speaking out about some important subjects like consensual and non-consensual sex, female pleasure, and more, Kharbanda questions the Indian education system for the lack of awareness amongst growing adults.

In conversation with The Male Feminist, the actress when asked about female pleasure, mentioned–”I think it’s important for women to understand that you’re allowed to have fun, and pleasure is something for you also. And I think most women don’t even realise how it is to be comfortable in an intimate relationship.” She mentioned how society has shaped it in a way, that we think it is always about the man’s pleasure. She further questioned–”why don’t learn all of this in school?”


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She adds, “While growing up, I need to know what is a good touch or a bad touch, when is it okay to be touched? What is consent? What is an orgasm? Women are allowed to have orgasms. And a woman should want to have sex with a man, as much as the man wants to have sex with the woman. It goes both ways. More than anything consent is never taught in our schools.”


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Pinpointing these important aspects, Kriti very well illustrated the importance of knowing these subjects to function on an everyday basis. Besides that, Kharbanda opened up about growing up to be a feminist, financially supporting her family, her relationship with actor/boyfriend Pulkit Samrat and more. Check out the full interview here.

We definitely agree with Kriti!

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