How To Negotiate Salary With HR? Remember These 4 Tips Because Yeh Skill Bhi Zaroori Hai!

Coz it's an art!

I feel negotiating salary is an art that most of us are not really acquainted with. And this is something I can confirm after a personal experience. However, you will only learn the nuances of negotiating the salary gradually but you need to prepare yourself well too! There are certain points that are necessary to keep in mind while doing so. From knowing your worth to having an idea about the market standards, check out these points so you can ace this art!

Market Value 

Before discussing your salary with HR, always make sure that your research is done. It is important to know the salary as per the industry standards for the job you are applying. As per Finance Influencer Shreyaa Kapoor, Linkedin and Glassdoor are good job-hunting platforms to get an idea of the market standards.

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Know Your Worth!

It is very important for an individual to be aware of their skills for the job and accordingly ask for the pay. Shreyaa Kapoor also says that an individual could ask for a higher salary based on their years of experience, qualifications and skill sets. 

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Ask Questions

It is essential to specifically know about your job role, responsibilities and expectations of the company before you put a value on it. So while discussing with HR, make sure you get this clarity by asking the necessary questions.

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Have A Transparent Discussion

It is always better to share your expectations with HR during the discussion of negotiating salary. You should be upfront and clear with your answers to justify the pay you are asking for.

Don’t forget that this is a skill that you should know too!



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