“Felt The Need To Pull My Sh*t Together”: Entrepreneur Rachel Goenka On Seeking Therapy During Pregnancy

Mental health is important.
therapy during pregnancy

The first step to seeking therapy is recognising that you are not doing well mentally, and need help. And it is exactly at this first stage that people are unable to recognise the signs or do not have the needed support to consult a therapist. And all these issues double up for a woman who is pregnant. Pregnancy is not an easy journey, and an expecting mum needs to be in the best of physical and mental health so that her baby is hale and hearty as well. In the latest episode of Mentally Yours with Sara Jane Dias, entrepreneur Rachel Goenka talks about seeking therapy during pregnancy.


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Entrepreneur Rachel Goenka was the guest on the latest episode of Mentally Yours with Sarah Jane Dias where she opened up on how she sought therapy during pregnancy because she was having negative thoughts. “They say, whatever you feel, your baby also picks up on those vibes as well. That was more important for me to make sure that I am traumatising this child I am carrying,” Rachel said.


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The 35-year-old restauranter and author further said that she was experiencing negative thoughts that were beyond her control. Rachel Goenka said that she felt the need to fix this for her child and for herself because she felt the need to pull her ‘sh*t’ together. Rachel sought therapy when she was pregnant and delivered a child post this stage.

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This is an inspiring step taken by Rachel Goenka which all expecting mothers need to take note of as well. Do not brush aside consistently feeling down during pregnancy as a side effect of hormones and talk to your husband about this. It is important that you be aware of your mental health and feel the need to get things right for you and your baby.

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