“Will I Be Only Feeding, Cleaning?”: Entrepreneur Aprajita Toor On Slipping Into Postpartum Depression

We need more conversation around postpartum depression.

A woman’s body undergoes massive changes during pregnancy. From changes in appearance to fluctuations in weight, pregnancy alters a woman’s body almost irreversibly. Apart from the physical changes, a woman also undergoes changes mentally. The responsibility of bringing life into this world is not a small one. In fact, the responsibilities increase tenfold after childbirth and sometimes these responsibilities feel too much for women. This is because our society associates the raising of a child only with a mother! This leads to many women developing postpartum depression. In the newest episode of Mentally Yours with Sarah Jane Dias, entrepreneur Aprajita Toor talks about how she underwent postpartum depression despite having a great pregnancy!

In the latest episode of Mentally Yours, Aprajita Toor opens up about her past-partum depression. She said, “I have had the best pregnancy. I think what families do not realise is that this is not just a new phase for them as a new life has come into their lives but it is also the evolution of a girl into a mother.” Toor said that her body had also undergone a change.

Aprajita Toor went on to say, “It was a new role to take on and I was not ready for it.” She said that she began questioning if she will have a life after childbirth or if will she be stuck in the cycle of feeding, cleaning and sleeping. Aprajita Toor also went on to say that we need to start talking about postpartum depression a little bit more than we already are.

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Toor also added that the reason why a woman experiences postpartum depression could be different for everyone. And given how different the journey of pregnancy is for every woman, these changes are perceived differently by all. So, it is important to understand her reason.

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