5 Things To Not Do To Stay Safe From Scams!

Saavdhan rahein, satark rahein!

There is a steep rise in the number and kind of scams happening online and through phones. The most recent cases of scams happening online are the ones where people receive a call on Whatsapp through an international number and if you accept the call, that fraudster can track your phone’s details. Another scam that has come to light is where these scammers pose as fake delivery guys and try to scam people. In view of so many scams happening, here is a quick guide on how to not fall for one!

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1. Don’t answer calls from numbers unusual numbers

The dialling code for Indian phone numbers is +91. So, if you receive a call from another dialling code, do not answer that call. Straight away reject it, no ifs and buts.

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2. Don’t share bank account details over the phone

If you get a call from anyone who says they are from your bank and need your details for your KYC or they need OTPs or your passwords, straight away so no. You can do most of these through net banking, and if there is anything you need assistance with, prefer to go to the bank yourself.

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3. Do not reply to automated messages that have unknown links attached

These fraudsters often sent links through text messages asking you to click them open to complete some formalities. Do NOT open those links at any cost.

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4. Do not entertain calls asking you to give them remote access to your PC

A lot of times, these fraudsters will ask you to give them download an application called AnyDesk. Through this, they can access your computer and can download viruses on your PC or also scam you!

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5. Do not shop from shady-looking sites or ones that offer heavy discounts

We all love discounts, right? But do not shop from any aira gaira nathu gaira website or an Instagram page that offers products that are too cheap to be true! Also, do not make payments through getaways that are not known or do not seem secure.

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Well, if you keep these 5 points in mind, you can be safe from scams unless you have really bad luck!

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