Twitter User Shares How She Almost Got Scammed By Fake Courier Agent. Ladies And Gents, Stay Satark!

Scammers need to be scammed one day!

A lot of people took their businesses online during the pandemic because there was a restriction on movement and gatherings. Which turned out to be good for genuine businessmen and businesswomen. But it looks like fraudsters and scammers have also decided to take their businesses online because people have become more careful and don’t fall for physically happening frauds. One of the frauds that a lot of you’ll also must have seen is when you get a call from an international number. But it looks like another rampant scam is also taking place is where these scammers call you and tell you that your parcel has gotten stuck because you ordered illegal items. If you are someone who often shops online, you need to beware of this scam!

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A Twitter user shared her experience when she got a scam call that informed her that her parcel has gotten stuck at Mumbai customs. She explained elaborately how these scammers try to trap you so that you keep doing as they say and if you end up believing them, they will scam you. The Twitter user whose handle is @irationalised wrote how the scammers also use the tactic of transferring calls so that they sound genuine and also they incorporate automated voices to make themselves sound convincing.

Ira mentioned that the scam caller also mentioned the details of the person she had apparently sent a parcel to (she neither sent any parcel nor has she used FedEx before).

Ira also went on to say that one should speak to the scammers in Marathi when they mention Mumbai Police. This will help you confirm that they are fraudsters.

She went on to share another Twitter thread write by a woman who faced a similar situation.

Many other Twitter users went on to share how they too received such scam calls where the callers claim that they are from FedEx. They also somehow manage to get your details like phone numbers and name which often scares people into believing this might be true. What is all the more surprising is that people coming forward to say that despite having complained to the police, nothing is being done to stop to assist with these calls.

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Ladies and gents, if you are someone who does a lot of online shopping, please be aware of these calls. Keep track of your parcels and what you have ordered and when it is going to be shipped and through which delivery agent. Stay saavdhaan, fellas!

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