2 AM Stories: How Does Pune’s Damini Squad Operate? Cop Shares Women’s Safety Tips!

Pune did not disappoint!

Women think so much before heading out of their houses late at night. Women feel comfortable only if they are accompanied by a man or if they are in a group. It’s sad that many cities in India fail to provide women the safety and confidence to step out at any time of the day. In the latest episode of 2 AM Stories,  the Hauterrfly team stepped out to see how safe the city of Pune is for girls at night. She also has conversations with many female college students, lady police officer and some men on how safe Pune is for women.

2 AM Stories

After exploring the safety levels in cities like Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai, Hauterrfly’s new 2 AM Stories episode is about women’s safety in Pune. While Pune is generally considered to be quite safe for women, it was important to know whether it was the same at night or night. The Hauterrfly team explored the city at night and interacted with many female students from Fergusson College. During the interaction, the girls gave positive feedback about the city and said that they didn’t feel unsafe at all.

The team also had a brief conversation with a female police officer who also shared some tips for women’s safety. As per this, women should always carry pepper spray and let someone know about the person who she is out with. The lady police officer also talked about the responsibilities of the Damini Squad in Pune. The Damini Squad is a team comprising of women and their responsibility is to teach about good and bad touch to children and empower young girls by taking sessions in schools.

The Hauterrfly team also interacted with an IT professional who worked late-night shifts. She too shared all the precautions her company takes to make sure that she reaches home safely. The female member of the team did not come across any unsettling incidents while travelling on the bus at night. The team also spotted some female cyclers at night who called Pune a safe city for girls.

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Overall, Pune did not disappoint us with many safety issues for women and felt quite comfortable at late hours of the night. Despite this, we comparatively spotted a lesser number of women at night. Why?

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