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Editor’s Letter: We Would Really Like You To Leave Our Vaginas Alone

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Having been at Hauterfly long enough and having written countless articles on products to solve problems that women don’t have, I thought nothing would surprise me anymore. I spoke too soon. Because besides products to lighten our vaginas, so that they gleam and shine in the hot summer sun, and blind people should we turn our vaginas towards them, we now have a product to clean out vaginal debris. Yes, it does sound like there might have been some sort of calamity in there, you know with the debris and all, but no at Hauterfly today, we are talking about a product that’s sort of like a floss for your vagina. It’s supposed to take out menstrual debris. Why do we need a product of this sort? Your guess is as good as mine.

Besides that, we are also talking about Anurag Kashyap because that man is the right kind of feminist and we stan a king who understands how to respect women. Also, why are idiotic men allowed to roam so freely on the internet?

Then we talk about how women’s rights are constantly denied or completely dismissed by people in authority. Case in point, Australian police. There’s just so much more to be done on this space. Where people understand consent and decency and even if they don’t, maybe humanity. Plus, we continue to talk about Indian Matchmaking – the show that is making everyone cringe and cry.

We will also do a throwback to better times and by that I don’t mean pre-covid, but the times when movies were openly sexist and weren’t even apologetic. Yeah, read up about that in our Throwback Thursday.

Okay, I got to run. My vagina isn’t going to clean itself. Thank god I have something I excavate it with.


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