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Editor’s Desk: Things That We Never Expected Are Happening

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This is not a normal year but that you knew. Nothing about this year has been ordinary. You know that meme going around about how it was so disappointing that we brought in this year with a party and all and it has been a shit show? Yeah, that’s funny because it’s so real. Point being, this year was not what we expected. I don’t think we ever expected a year to feel like a painful wound but hey, you learn something new every day.

Like we heard about this woman who is a techie but got laid off, so she took to selling vegetables to keep her family’s finances going. She also said she doesn’t care about ‘false prestige’ and I, for one, am in awe. We are often so cushioned by our fancy jobs and a lifestyle developed around it, that we would be out of it if we lost the job and didn’t know how to make ends meet. But this stop this woman who went on to do what he dad used to do, sell vegetables and I applaud her for her determination and grit. She’s truly inspiring.

And then this couple who got a romantic proposal. Oh, I mean, yes, all proposals are romantic but these guys outdid themselves. The guy planned for the proposal to coincide with a comet that comes along only once in 6800 years. I mean, wow. The next few generations might not see a proposal like this. And what a cute and warm, fuzzy way to declare your love. Where do these women find such guys? Most women in the team can’t get a guy to text back.

Anyhoo, there’s plenty more coming up on Hauterfly, so watch this space.

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