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This Brand Helped Women Unleash Their Inner Superhero On Women’s Day!

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A first of its kind, Captain Marvel managed to break box office records by becoming the first female-led superhero movie to have a no. 1 opening weekend. While we are pretty sure you and your BFF spent the weekend watching Captain Marvel kick butt, there was another event that drew our attention. On 8th March, the Indian household’s favourite detergent brand, Ariel, hosted a special screening of the movie in Delhi and Mumbai. Here’s a sneak-peek into what went down.


Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign, aims as breaking the stereotypical thinking of household chores being a women’s job. The brand wants sons and husbands to partner up with their superwives and supermoms and #ShareTheLoad at home as
well. The event was spearheaded by television actors, (also a real-life couple!) Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta. The actors were accompanied by Ravi’s mother Sudha Dubey, all of whom were present to interact with bloggers, consumers and other attendees. The interaction had one simple message – bringing equality at home when it comes tobasic chores like laundry, urging men to step up and #ShareTheLoad. Ravi Dubey, while thanking his mother, spoke about how instilling these habits in men from a young age can help pave the way for a wholesome household.


Apart from the screening and interaction, Ariel also invited men to record personal messages for their superwoman which the brand will send out on their behalf.  To further spread the message that men also doing laundry should not be an exception
but a norm, Ariel installed visuals in PVR theatres all over Delhi and Mumbai.  A special screening was also arranged for Ariel’s #MyCaptainMarvelous online contest winners, bloggers and other Marvel fans. They all ended up enjoying the movie AND
getting a free masterclass on how to do laundry so that they can go back and #ShareTheLoad at home!

Of course, this was meant to be just the beginning. From here on, the brand and the campaign hope to drive home the message of making household responsibilities everyone’s concern, and not just something the women of the house spearhead. By saving them precious time and mental space, women can now explore their talents, pursue a passion and potentially discover a side to them they didn’t know of. With a powerful message like this, women can go on to live their best life.



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