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The New Samsung Galaxy A50 Is All You Need To Up Your Social Media Game

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There are some people who aren’t on social media at all.

We are not one of those people. We are hooked on to our phones, taking selfies and uploading them on Instagram. We are commenting on pictures, sharing memes and editing our pictures to make them look double-tap worthy. We are uploading videos on Youtube, watching reviews and putting out reviews ourself. Despite constantly being on social media, we could all use a little help to better our game. Every time we are on explore page on Instagram we come across these aesthetically pleasing pictures of food, places, or even selfies. And we bet you, like us, wonder how they do it. So when the Samsung Galaxy A50 came out and showcased all these cool features that could help us up our social media game, we are all for it.

This is a phone that is truly built for the “Era of Live”, as it allows you to capture so much more in videos, serving up social media-friendly content pieces that work like a charm with the audience. Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with a triple camera that lets you shoot videos in ultra-wide, hyper-lapse and slow-motion. Top it up with its Scene Optimizer and Live Focus feature and you’ve a winner on your hands. Spoilt for choices, right?

We specially like the live focus option which allows you to tweak the background putting you in the focus, right where you need to be. It also has the ultra-wide feature, the one that allows you to capture a lot more information about the surroundings letting the audience get a sneak peek into your life and making you more accessible and relatable to them.

Watch this video to know how you can use the Samsung Galaxy A50 to rake up some serious social media stardom.


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