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The Skincare Routine Every 20-Something Needs To Follow Right Now

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Having a skincare regimen in place is definitely necessary, no matter how old you are!

We’ve all neglected our skin at some point — from sleeping with makeup on, to not cleansing properly, to even picking on pimples. We’ve done it all, in the name of laziness of course!

What we don’t realise is that the little skincare faux pas can snowball into bigger problems. Hate to break it to you, but you can’t be as carefree in your 20s as you were in your teens — mainly because as you age, your skin does too.

So if you want to retain that radiance, you’re going to need to give your skin that extra TLC. After all, you WON’T have baby soft skin forever, right?

But get yourself on the right skincare routine and you won’t have to worry about those famous “signs of ageing”.

Take a look at the ultimate skincare guide to help you breeze through your 20s.


If you thought you dodged the pimple bullet in your teens, don’t be surprised if they show up in your 20s. Yes, adult acne is a thing and it’s just as unpleasant too.

Adult acne is usually caused due to a hormonal imbalance in the body — periods, pregnancy, or even if you’re on birth control pills. If you’ve got a family history of adult acne, then that might be another reason for the breakouts. Stress could also aggravate your skin and lead to breakouts.

Make sure to Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. This three-step process will help ensure your skin is bacteria-free. Even if you have oily skin, make sure you use a light moisturiser, just to retain the natural moisture. Once a week, gently exfoliate your skin to remove all the dead cells that form a thin layer — making your skin look rather dull.

Eating right plays a big role in controlling adult acne. Make sure you stay away from oily and heat-inducing foods. They will only aggravate the condition.


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In your mid-20s is usually when your skin first starts to lose its elasticity — making fine lines and crow’s feet appear, especially around your eyes. Fine lines are caused by the natural breakdown of your skin’s collagen and elastin, thanks to over exposure to the sun.

That’s why you need to include an eye serum in your bed-time routine. The serum will help combat puffiness and dark circles, along with adding a touch of radiance to those sparkling eyes.

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We know it sounds a little hard to believe, but you do start developing wrinkles in your 20s. Although they are invisible to the naked eye, if you look closely, there will be areas where your skin starts to sag.

Frown lines, laugh lines, and crow’s feet eventually start becoming more noticeable in the mirror, especially if you ignore those fine lines early on.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays breaks down the connective tissues such as collagen and elastin in the skin, causing it to start sagging.

To combat this issue, make sure you apply a night cream after you cleanse your skin. A good anti-ageing night cream will help even out your skin and tighten it to a certain extent — just so that it retains a little bit of its original elasticity.


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Your skin goes through so much over the years that it tends to lose its glow. Everyday pollution, dirt, dust, heat and sun-rays, all add up to pull down the natural radiance. Eventually, you’re left with boring and dull skin!

Include a brightening face wash or exfoliator in your skincare regimen — this will even out your skin tone, providing you with a healthy and natural glow.


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