Watch 60 Years Of Autorickshaw Awesomeness In 30 Seconds!

Watch 60 Years Of Autorickshaw Awesomeness In 30 Seconds!

Can you imagine navigating your city without the trusty old autorickshaw? Neither can we. These ubiquitous three-wheelers are a major part of nearly every Indian city’s lifeline. Proof of this is how life comes to a standstill the minute autorickshaw drivers go on strike, and how we all heave a sigh of relief the minute they’re back on the roads! But did you know that autorickshaws have been chugging along in India for 60 long years? That’s six decades of being the badass badshahs of our streets, having evolved from humble, hand-pulled vehicles into the funky motorised versions we know and love today.

But rickshaws aren’t just vehicles of transport; they’re also expressions of their driver’s quirky personality. From the graffiti-loving rickshaw walla who plays only EDM on his stereo to the tech-savvy one who offers magazines, newspapers, and a tablet with free WiFI as soon as passengers hop on, the culture of autos in our cities is truly diverse. And what better way to pay tribute to their journey than by documenting their amazing evolution over the past 60 years. Packing in 30 seconds of awesomeness is this utterly cute video, which showcases all the various avatars of autos over each decade. From the super colourful to the super adorable, the video above is a truly wonderful representation of our beloved three-wheelers.

Taking this evolution one step further is Ola, who has rolled out a smart new initiative called Ola Auto across 24 Indian cities. Basically, you can now book a rickshaw from the comfort and convenience of your home. Does it get more evolutionary than that?! So log on to the app and experience a smarter way to travel today!

* This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Ola.

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