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This Celeb Stylist Runner Tells You Why Taking The Easy Route Is Never Fun

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In a world where taking shortcuts to get the work done has become a viable option, celebrity stylist Shaleena Nathani, who is also a running enthusiast, believes that taking the easy way out is never really an option for her.

Whether she’s on the job or she’s running on the streets, what is it that drives this young achiever to give it her best? Well, it’s her ability and perseverance to challenge herself constantly.

Like most of these great women, Shaleena knows that hard work definitely goes a long, long way. In whatever she does, she considers the win a lot sweeter after she gives it a 100 per cent — leaving no room for a taken-for-granted attitude.

A true fitness buff at heart, Shaleena’s journey gives us so many reasons to be motivated, get inspired, and outrun easy.


Freedom In Running

“Running is exhilarating — the feeling that I get during and at the end of a run is unmatched. It’s a liberating feeling, especially when you live in a city that is so congested.  The time I run is my me-time, and is very important to me.

“The half-marathon run was interesting, because honestly, I didn’t think I could run that kind of a distance. Ten days before the run, I had a bad pain in my knee, and so had to take it easy — I was so upset! I realised that rest was more important than practice, but it wasn’t easy.

“I need to be pushed into taking that one day off for the sake of my body, to be honest. I feel so amazing after any form of physical exercise. It really keeps me going.”

Strength Over Skinny

“It started at a young age. My fitness journey began in school, as I played a lot of sport. Although we didn’t really realise the importance of it then.

“I was always actively involved – whether it was sprinting, after-school swimming, or badminton. I loved to take part in relays and races, but right now, I love running!

“I run a couple of times a week and go for a fitness boot-camp, which is very body intense and all about body weight. It’s a great way to strengthen your body and it prepares you for running longer distances.

“For me, inner or core strength is way more important than being skinny!”


Easy Isn’t Fun

“Easy really isn’t fun — if things come to you easily in life, you don’t tend to appreciate them as much as you should. You need to work towards everything and taking the easy way out shouldn’t be an option. I feel like I have worked for every single thing in my life today — whatever it might be or however small it is — and I value that so much more.

“I want to give that experience back. Even if I can make a difference to one person, I’ll be happy. For me, that is my main aim in life and in general – to be able to change one person’s life.

“I like to challenge myself with every job that comes. Even if it’s a small thing, I am conscious about putting that 100 per cent in it. The satisfaction when you don’t take the easy way out is really something that keeps me motivated and on my toes.

“There’s no time for slacking. There are points in your life when you take things for granted — the minute you start slacking, you start losing out.

“We are blessed to have the things that we do and I think that also applies to running – especially with a marathon. You have to keep at it and be strong.”


Collateral Lessons

“Running teaches you to be mentally strong, and this reflects in the way I work, in terms of pushing myself. You really need to be mentally strong, especially in this industry. It has made me realise the amount you can achieve, and the high you get when your effort and hard work pays off — this clearly translates in my work!

“A big changing point is when you just leave everything that you’ve been taught, and surrender yourself to new things and new ways of doing things. Running the half marathon was that change for me. I didn’t think it was possible to run 21 km — but the apprehension was all in my mind.

“One needs to start off running on a positive note — don’t do it because 20 people are telling you to, do it because you really want to do it. Get into it easily and don’t be too hard on yourself, as it’s a process – but I can assure you that if you get into it, running is something you will really enjoy.

“In life, if you do things you absolutely love, you will end up doing it really well!”

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