Get Ultimate Underarm Care With NIVEA Deo Milk Deodorants

Get Ultimate Underarm Care With NIVEA Deo Milk Deodorants

When we talk about skincare, it’s often limited to our face. What often gets left out in this skincare routine is the skin in our underarms. While it doesn’t require a whole routine, it would certainly work well if we actually paid attention to this skin as well. It would mean odour-free, beautiful underarms. So when you finally wear that sleeveless dress, you can show off your pits without a worry in the world.

And while there might be plenty of options to pick from, there are very few that can offer odour protection that lasts but also keeps your underarms healthy. What’s in the deodorant and what’s not in it, also make a difference.

So, what should you be looking at?

For Starters, ingredients…

No, you don’t need to read every single thing on the label. None of us understand that but look out for the ingredients that could be potential irritants. We particularly enjoy the NIVEA Deo Milk Roll On that comes with the goodness of milk essence. Milk is soothing to the skin and having this in a deodorant would mean that you’re really taking care of your underarms. This is the only product on the market that has that. It’s infused with vitamins and minerals and other skin-loving ingredients. And for that reason and because of the milk in it, this one gets our vote.

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How Does It Work Post-Hair Removal?

We all know that sting that we feel when we apply a deodorant on freshly-shaved or waxed armpits. It can cause you to yelp in pain. But not all deodorants do that, so it makes sense to choose wisely. Go with one that is loaded with skincare benefits and preferably one that’s without alcohol. The NIVEA Deo Milk Roll Ons with Milk Essence have 0% alcohol so they do not irritate the delicate underarm skin. It also leaves your skin soft and smooth after hair removal because it contains milk essence which nourishes your skin.

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And Does It Work For You?

One of the most important things that a deodorant has to do is ensure that you are not smelling.  Your body odour shouldn’t drive away people. You don’t want to be embarrassed around colleagues or friends. There’s plenty to pick from, depending on your needs. The NIVEA Deo Milk Deodorants are available in 3 variants:

Nivea Deodorant Fresh

Nivea Deodorant Fresh


Fresh When you need your deodorant to bring it’s A game and give you long long lasting fragrance & freshness, this is the one to go for.

Nivea Deo Sensitive


Sensitive – When you have skin that’s highly sensitive, the kind that flares up at any irritant, protect the skin of your underarms by using this variant.

Nivea Deo Mlik Dry

Dry – When you don’t like being sweaty and sticky, go for this variant that will not only have you smelling fresh but will also ensure you stay dry.

Which one would you pick?

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