These Uber Stylish Bose Frames Come Equipped With Audio And It’s The Best Thing Ever

These Uber Stylish Bose Frames Come Equipped With Audio And It’s The Best Thing Ever

The one thing can take your look from basic to fabulous is a sexy pair of sunglasses. We love how they can elevate a look, add the chic factor while protecting your eyes from the harsh UV rays. So imagine my excitement when I happened to stumble upon the Bose Frames. It was like love at first sight. The music quality on this is spectacular.

Bose Frames feature a sleek design, with round frames that flatter my face shape. They do have another shape, the ones that are more squarish – the Bose Alto – but these suited my face better. Obviously, you aren’t only buying them because they look good, the functionality is right up there too. I wasn’t looking to make a fashion statement, but if I can do that while listening to my jam, I am up for it. These are the kind of sunglasses that go with practically every outfit. And make it look good.

When I put it on, I was skeptical about what the sound experience would be like. But I shouldn’t have worried. This is an immersive auditory experience unlike any other. The music sounded crazy good. I could hear every beat, and I loved how the melody sounded that much sweeter.

Bose Frames

I loved many things about the Bose Frames. There’s, of course, the sound, and the look. But I also enjoyed the fact that I could look around like I was in a spy movie with my music still playing on. I felt like the lead in a thriller. It also keeps your musical privacy intact because the person next to you can’t hear a thing.

Besides this, I loved that I could actually take phone calls. I could hear the person crystal clear, of course, the sound being great. But get this, the other person could hear me just fine too. By the way, I am technically challenged so if getting the frames to work involved some complicated technical wizardry, I would’ve given up that second. So, imagine my thrill when all this involved was switching on my Bluetooth, downloading the Bose Connect app, and done! No, seriously, that’s all it took. What I particularly enjoyed also, was the fact that if I moved my head, my sound moved with me. That’s the Bose AR kicking in. Another brownie point is that they are extremely lightweight, so you can pack them into your purse with practically no extra weight.

There’s just so much these frames have to offer, I am going to be carrying it everywhere. In fact, I will  be flaunting these at the next beach vacation, posing against coconut palms and making everyone on my social media jealous. Of course, I will also be gleefully telling everyone who asks that they are the best investment since my designer bag. Now, I only need someone who wants to go on a beach vacation.

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