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An Underarm Care Routine Is Just As Important When You’re At Home. Here’s What To Do.

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Now that we are all indoors and activities are limited, doesn’t mean that you should give up on taking care of yourself. In fact, now is when you should have a routine that works for you, even if you’re indoors.

Which means that while you may not have to pick an outfit or travel, it still means you should be hygienic. Just like you shower regularly, it is important to care for your underarms regularly.

See, the underarms have it tough anyway. From shaving nicks to sweating to harsh sprays and what not, they go through a lot but you never really get around to taking care of them.

Here are 5 ways you can take care of your underarms.

Treat It Like The Rest Of Your Skin

You shower every day to keep your skin fresh and clean. The underarms are no different. Invest in a soap or body wash with a smell you like and cleanse your underarms so you feel refreshed.

Use A Good Razor

Use a good razor

Using a blunt razor might cause bumps and nicks and may even cause an infection. To ensure you get the closest shave possible, ensure that your razor blade is sharp and not rusted.


Wait, what? Yes, scrubbing and getting rid of the dead skin from your underarms is important. Use a gentle scrub – you can even use sugar from the kitchen – and slough off all the gunk, dead skin from your underarms. You could also use a loofah to give you a good scrub. They will look cleaner and you can throw your hands up in the air like you just don’t care.

Invest In A Good Roll On

Nivea Roll On


Nobody likes smelly, sweaty underarms. And while you may not even know it, you could be sweating even indoors. And even if you’re at home, using a roll on is just as important. Wear a roll on to smell good and feel fresh all day. When you smell good, you feel fresh and active, and therefore are more productive. Which means you can work better and faster. We at Hauterfly particularly like the Nivea Pearl and Beauty roll on which has mild and pleasant fragrance and makes your underarms look smooth and beautiful.

Apply Milk

Milk for underarms

Milk is a great way to clean your underarms without harsh chemicals. Milk comes with the added benefits of nourishing your skin, giving it an even tone and keeping your skin soft, smooth and moisturised. It’s such a multi-tasker.

Wear Comfortable Fabrics

Synthetics can often wreak havoc with your skin. It doesn’t allow for your skin to breathe, making your underarms a breathing ground for bacteria that often causes you to smell less than pleasant. Wearing cotton and other breathable fabrics lets the moisture evaporate leaving you smelling fresh like a daisy.


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