5 Reasons Chutzpah From SonyLIV Should Be On Your Weekend Binge List

5 Reasons Chutzpah From SonyLIV Should Be On Your Weekend Binge List

The pandemic may have all of us confined to our homes but it means that entertainment has gotten better. Every OTT platform is serving up stuff we want to want. Heck, it’ stuff we want to binge watch. Fabulous shows, thrilling movies, if there was ever a time for content to shine, this is it. And now with stuff like Chutzpah coming out, block your weekend for some great, fun content. We give you 5 reasons why this show should be on your weekend binge list.

It’s Relatable

Whether you are trying to make a long distance relationship work, or figuring out how to expand your fan base on your social media channels, you will relate hard with the struggles of the people featured on Chutzpah. Like Rishi, if you simply can’t muster the courage to talk to a member of the opposite sex, Chutzpah will speak to you!

It’s Real

This is your world. The world in Chutzpah is about all of us. Our online lives, our lingo, it’s all here and that’s why, this is a show that’s like a slice of life served to you on OTT. The trials and travails, the wins and losses of online life, Chutzpah is like a glimpse into our lives. And sometimes, it can be unnerving.


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It’s Also A Reality Check

While the online world can be endlessly fascinating, Chutzpah is a gentle reality check. It discusses the perils of seemingly innocuous online gaming, the dark world where you don’t know where your videos are going. It reminds you that you think your data is safe, that the person you’re with can be trusted, but perhaps you should be more careful.

It Is True To The Language of the Internet Generation

While your parents may struggle with LOL confusing it to mean lots of love, Chutzpah is like an education for everyone. The show speaks the language of the internet generation. It’s about emojis, video calls and everything in between. It’s how we speak and how we interact and it’s a whole lotta fun.

It Deals With Real Issues

From body image to confidence and everything in between, Chutzpah tackles the problems of our generation head on. The show accurately showcases the humour of the online and offline world while still being able to talk about the real issues. It’s refreshing , honest and the best thing to add to your weekend binge list.


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