5 Fun Ways To Include Milk In Your Diet!

I’m sure we all have those childhood memories of our moms trying to force us to drink milk every single day! She wasn’t wrong is doing that since milk helps us get strong bones, increases our calcium intake and provides us with a lot of benefits. There is no denying that have plain ol’ glass of milk can get a bit boring day after day. Worry not, we’ve got you sorted. Here are 5 ways that will have you looking forward to having your milk, on the daily.

1. Add Flavour To Your Milk

Choose a flavour that you absolutely love and mix it with the milk to make a delicious drink. Whether it is a chocolate syrup, strawberry puree, vanilla extract, rose syrup, caramel, add some flavour and it’ll change it all up! If you want to go for natural flavours, then use cardamom milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, mint, turmeric, or honey.

2. Sip On It With Flavoured Straws

Flavoured straws are a great way to sip on milk since it adds a subtle flavour as you sip away! These straw contain tiny flavoured beads that dissolve as the milk passes through it. And with when you are drinking the Nestle a+ Slim Milk, it gets yummier!

3. Whip Up A Milkshake

Milkshakes are a great source of protein and carbs and provide you with plenty of energy. Add your favourite fruits or fruit syrup and blend it well with the Nestle Slim a+ milk and a tiny bit of sugar for a great drink!

4. Add Milk To Your Tea/Coffee

If you’re a tea/coffee lover, having it black is long gone! Add a dash of milk to your tea/coffee every morning in order to get your intake of milk going throughout the day.

5. Switch Between Hot And Cold

Try a variety of drinks by switching from hot to cold or cold to hot. If you are so done with your morning milkshake, opt for a warm latte instead!

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