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Sleepover Dates With Your Partner Are Just The Best. Here’s Why

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They say you can tell how a person feels for you, by the way they look at you. And oh boy, with almost all my feelings reaching my face, I cannot help but control my expressions. Of course, in the datingville this can give away too much info than I am intending to reveal to my crush. Even when things are progressing, I don’t always want to express myself. And yet, I cannot help but look at the object of my affection, a lot. And one of the best feelings in the world – when you really like someone – is watching them just be themselves. And we are truly ourselves at our cozy abode, with a person that feels like home too. So, excuse me if I love sleepover dates a little too much!

Just being in a space where you feel safe to completely let your guard down and be vulnerable kinda heals you. If I ever get married, do not call me on Sundays, because that’s what I will be doing all day long. I do feel I may be a tad over-optimistic here but a girl can dream!

Sleepover date nights are important and we gotta get some of those with bae. Whether you take a staycation, vacation, or chill at home, these kinda dates bring you closer. Here’s why I believe sleepover dates are so amazing.

Nothing is better than cuddling

If my partner doesn’t cuddle, I will probably put them on OLX. I don’t know who invented cuddling and what were they thinking, but God bless your soul. Sleepover dates turn into cuddle marathons and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You can fine dine but have you ever had pizza with bae on the bed?

I like painting the town red but have you had pizza while watching TV with bae? Drinking some wine while loading up on cheesy calories (from pizza and from bae) makes for the best date ever. At some point, I don’t even care what I am watching, as long as I can just put the box away and continue being lazy with him. A person you can be lazy with? That’s your soulmate!

A date with PJs as dress code has to be a good one

Have you ever cancelled plans just because you’re too lazy to dress up? Well, I have – but I wouldn’t do that with someone I really like. But on sleepover dates, you can show up in your PJs, go braless, and have messy hair. Just the thought of not having to wear jeans turns me on.

You will know if you can survive longer hours with him

He must be really special if I can spend so many hours with him, at a stretch, and still want more. It doesn’t matter if we are doing nothing at all. And when you spend so much time with someone, you understand their little habits. Just co-existing with someone, in a confined space for so long tells you that you are close. Does he respect your space? How do your conversations flow? Are you comfortable with silence?

Sleepover dates really help you rejuvenate

You are in a state of relaxation and it makes your interaction quite pleasant. A sleepover date is like “me time” for two. You are just in your own zone, cut off from the world for one day and it’s your day to indulge – in food, wine or cuddles – whatever makes you happy!

There won’t be any distractions and formalities

There’s just so many stimuli outside as we are hearing and looking at so many people. On a sleepover date, you can cancel all that noise and just focus on each other. You experience each other more closely and in a more quality manner. Plus, I’d say it’s a lot more fun when I can just stuff the popcorn in my mouth and lick my fingers after that – without being judged.

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Sleeping next to bae is the best thing ever

It just is so relaxing! Sleeping with someone you love is known to have healing properties and I believe that is true. Even if you sleep a little less – because you want to make use of all those hours when you’re together – it is still so peaceful. You may wander off to a beautiful dream while being held like you’re a precious little thing. The next morning, your body may ache just a little from sleeping in strange positions but your soul, it heals. Sleeping next to your partner is amazing and waking up next to them, even better!

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