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How To Avoid Cheating In A Long-Distance Relationship

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There’s a lot of apprehension around long-distance relationships. People have seen these fail and both or one of them falling for a local hottie. But then again, people having their partners in the same city break up too. In fact, couples living in the same house separate as well. So excuse me if I don’t believe geographical distance can fade true love away. Lack of connection and insecurities make people part ways.

That’s okay if you feel you are not cut out for a long-distance relationship. Nobody judges you and you have the right to make the choices that work for you. But if you decide to go for one, it’s important to know what you’re up for. It’s not going to be easy and you will both have to be very smart about things. Considering how our emotional intelligence is never invested in during our growing up years, let’s just say most of us aren’t the brightest minds when it comes to handling relationships.

So instead of approaching it without a plan, make one and hash it out with your cutie. Anybody can cheat; it’s not an activity reserved for monsters. We have our weak moments. You might be feeling like your relationship is on the verge of ending, you may feel lonely and melt at the slightest hope of affection – we are human, we err. So how do avoid cheating in a long-distance relationship? Roll your sleeves and follow these tips dedicatedly.

Stay connected on the daily

In one of my two long-distance relationships, the guy decided it’s okay to not call me for days. I would have thought he was fucking with me (well, thanks to the distance, not literally!). But he wasn’t the type. He just didn’t need to be as connected as I did. And the disparity between our emotional needs was a big pain in the ass. Talk to each other about your daily life and share about the people around you. It gives your partner a way to feel like they are there with you. They may be away but they will know what you are going through – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Otherwise, you may feel emotional distance seeping in. Before you know it, people geographically near you will know more about you and that will suck!

Don’t let distance let your sex life die

I mean, nothing’s better than feeling the warmth of his skin against yours, his lips on yours, and falling asleep in his arms after a hot sesh. But you can make do with what you have: fingers, a phone, and a strong imagination! Talk dirty and sext each other because that’s gonna keep the fire between you burning in this long-distance relationship. You both will fantasise about the time when you meet and get it on in person. And that sex will be worth it (but don’t be disappointed if it isn’t the first time!) You don’t need that tempting man giving you all the attention while your bae is away. Invest in a fuckin’ vibrator!

When you feel like hiding something, ask yourself why

It all begins with this. We start hiding things from each other because deep down we know that not everything about what you’re doing is above the line. We don’t want it to be normalised either because maybe we’d be uncomfortable with our partners doing it. So if you start slipping into such temptation, ask yourself why you are hiding things. Subconsciously, you are getting attracted to that guy in your vicinity but you want to be in denial. So when you go out for a drink with him, you conveniently leave that out, justifying that you didn’t do anything sexual so it’s okay. Well, don’t wait for it to escalate to that. It’s okay to feel attracted and this is a sign that you are. All you have to do is not act on your horniness.

Keep your eyes on the prize

What does this relationship mean to you? If you are serious about each other and you really see a future with him, would you want to throw it all away for a short period of geographical distance? There will be times when you will be lonely and would want to go for a quick fuck but keep your eyes on the prize. It’s all fun and frolic until you lose out on a catch for a guy who wouldn’t even call you back.

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 Be honest about your insecurities and expectations

It’s no use getting all pretentious and acting like you don’t scan his social media for any signs of him being close to another woman. Of course, you both are intending to stay loyal in this long-distance relationship. Trust each other wholeheartedly. And let each other know what will make you feel more secure. How much involvement are you expecting? Keep it clear. Insecurities lead to jealousy. And sometimes, we do things out of vengeance. You may think that he is cheating on you and then go around kissing someone else only to later realise he did nothing of that sort.

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