Cuffing Season Can Make You Misunderstand Holiday Horniness For Love. 10 Signs You Are Being Cuffed

Cuffing Season Can Make You Misunderstand Holiday Horniness For Love. 10 Signs You Are Being Cuffed

Call me old-fashioned but short-term partnerships formed solely for the purpose of convenience do nothing for me. I don’t judge people who do go for casual relationships but I know they aren’t my thing. It’s that season (cuffing season) where love is in the cold air that engulfs us, wishing there was someone we could spend lazy Sundays in bed with. This is the time we watch movies, see pictures on social media, and advertisements of couples making Christmas synonymous with romance. Who do you share a cup of hot chocolate with on Christmas Eve? Who do you kiss at midnight on New Year’s? While people around you are getting married, engaged, going on holidays with their baes, you’re single.

This is the most difficult time to be single because through the ages, it’s been portrayed as a couple’s period. And nobody makes holiday movies about a single woman just having fun with her girlfriends. And as unfortunate as it sounds, our girlfriends too have their partners to do things with.

So it’s natural to seek a romantic partnership to survive the abundance of romance the world stages around us. And that exactly is cuffing. These relationships start typically around October and end around March. Here are signs you are being cuffed!

  • Things happened way too fast

In Taylor Swift’s words it was “faster than the wind, passionate than sin”. You started talking and hanging out as two lonely souls who needed warmth. Before you know it, you were falling hard for each other. Love takes time to brew, honey. Before that it’s just need and the cuffing season.

  • Most of your dates involve staying in and cuddling

The cuddles are really great and you feel like it fills you up with happiness. That’s great but is that all you do? Looks like you’re just being someone’s duvet and not a partner.

  • You don’t make plans for beyond the holiday season

Who knows how long this will last? If they are only seeing you as a holiday investment, they will be very keen on making December plans with you – Jan even! But if you hear of nothing post that, you’re just a holidate to them!



  • You don’t go out on real dates

Speaking of dates, most of your meetings are spontaneous and they never dress up. In fact, at this point, you don’t even know if he has more than 2 t-shirts. It’s when they are feeling like going out they ask you out. It’s the weather, not you.

  • They don’t introduce you to their social circle

They don’t know if this will last even till Valentine’s Day. It started quickly but now it’s reached a plateau where you are going in circles, but not his social circle. This shit’s temporary! You’re in a cuffing season relationship!

  • The sex is great but it’s not even about the sex

A cuffing season relationship isn’t about sex though there is a lot of it. Your relationship is short-term and based on convenience but it’s about warmth, affection, and a thirst for romance in this season. So just because there is warmth, it doesn’t mean it means something.

  • Every time you are out with them it’s dreamy

He is in his shorts, a worn-out tee and you just got out of a dive bar. It was a spontaneous plan because both of you were horny, bored, feeling romantic and the weather demanded you go out. And still, it feels dreamy. It’s the weather and maybe the vodka. Be realistic about what you expect out of your cuffing season relationship.

  • But they are not very keen on expressing their intent

If you ask them where this is headed, they will not give you a sure shot answer. They are “going with the flow” but from the kind of cuddles you have and the romance they exhibit, it seems like you are in your courtship period. The disparity between the intent and his actions stems from the horniness inducing weather. This is a cuffing season relationship so the intent here is to keep warm until it’s time to migrate to singlehood.

  • They are hot and cold

Unlike the weather, they are far from being consistent. When mood strikes, they are romantic. When reality dawns upon them, they are cold and distant. A person who is genuinely into you will demonstrate consistency in their behavior.

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  • You barely fight

That’s because it’s short term and they don’t care about exploring differences. It’s all about cuddles, warmth, festivities, Netflix and chill – and that’s not how real relationships are. This is how cuffing season relationships work and that’s okay if you are real about it.

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