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5 Zodiac Signs That Are In Love With The Idea Of Marriage And Commitment

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Some of us are commitment phobic and fear marriage. The moment someone mentions marriage, they become the human equivalent of a fluffed-up, hissing cat. They see marriage as a trap – one that’s set up to hold you back from all your goals and desires. Well, I am not in that category. I am someone who loves commitment, love and marriage. Because I don’t see it as the end of my independence. If you’re marrying someone who takes you away from your growth, don’t give up on commitment – give up on such a guy! Are you someone who loves the concept of marriage? If you’re one of these zodiac signs, then yes!

Taurus 2019


Unlike Sagittarius who loves the idea of uncertainty and adventure, people born under this zodiac sign prefer stability over anything else. Dating around is just not your thing. You like knowing that this is the man who will be with you for the rest of your life. And coming home to your hubby and possibly kids, makes everything better.

cancer 2019


Your nurturing instincts feel unutilised if you’re not in a relationship. You love things that last, which is why, for you the true test of a relationship is when it leads to marriage. Plus, you’re so loving and caring, you’re probably going to be the best wife ever!

Libra 2019


You thrive on partnerships and quality connections. The concept of family is dear to you and you dream of having a loving husband who you can travel with for the rest of your life. But until you find a man like that, you don’t settle for less.

Scorpio 2019


You’re a woman who feels passionately about everything, especially love. So when you find someone you believe is destined to be with you, all you want to do is unite with him for eternity! Which is probably why, even before you tie the knot, your friends call you an old married couple!

Capricorn 2019


You are an independent and ambitious woman. So a lot of people assume that you aren’t really interested in settling down. But that’s far from being true. You are an old soul who values traditions. So you end up getting married but with someone who will be a positive influence in your life goals and not a hindrance. You’re looking to become a power couple!

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