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5 Zodiac Signs That Take A Long Time To Move On After A Breakup

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Getting over a breakup isn’t easy for any of us. In fact, we begin to stop feeling like ourselves and it feels like you’re missing a limb or an artery because your heart hurts so much. We spend hours re-reading all our messages, revisiting the good times as much as the fights. Nights are the worst, because it’s so quiet outside but so loud in your head. You binge on Netflix because you need something that can help block your thoughts out. But then anything you watch makes you think of them again. And there you go, overthinking and staying wide awake. The next morning, you plaster a smile across your face and are ready to pretend to be okay. This is normal response to a breakup but how long do you stay like that? Some of us take slightly longer to get over someone and if you belong to one of these zodiac signs, you’re the kind to hold on long after the relationship is over.


Only those closest to you know of your emotional side; the rest just know you as someone who is humourous and cheerful. So when you get into a relationship, you connect with them on a deeper level, exhibiting the courage to let your walls down and letting them in. You savour every moment with them and how you can be vulnerable with them. So when you lose that person, you’re thrown off and you don’t know how to handle your emotions. You love living in the past and the memories stay with you for a long time. The number of drunk texts you have sent your ex is indirectly proportionate to your bank balance, which is on an all-time low because of your indulgences. Don’t let the past hold you back!


You have a reputation to maintain, that of a cool gal who is independent and charming. Which is why, you always put up a brave front and rarely show if you’re hurting. So when you break up, instead of working your way with your emotions, you’re too busy showing the world that it doesn’t matter you. You’re out there, being a social butterfly and letting your hair down and everyone is convinced that you’ve moved on. But then you go home and cry into a pillow because you have a void that you’re hiding, even from your closest ones. Don’t ignore your emotional needs and take your time to mourn.


When your relationship breaks, you tend to over analyse things and begin to wonder what you could have done differently. You allow self-doubt to creep in and one thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re convinced that you’re undateable. You will sulk and run away from anybody who offers any kind of romantic attention to you, swearing to be single. Dear Virgo, you’re amazing and don’t let a breakup tell you otherwise.


You love with a passion and hold on to bae tight. You make them the centre of your world and making them happy gives your life meaning. So when you lose that position, you’re lost and you don’t know how to handle it. In fact, you don’t give up easy and in your head, you’re convinced that you can make things right. So you listen to sad breakup songs and refuse to move on. When you figure that the chances of reconciliation are rather bleak, you spend the rest of the time resenting them. That leaves you no time to work on yourself and finding peace. We all know that makes the recovery process slower. Don’t do that!

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I think it’s safe to say that you’re a little delusional and ignorant when it comes to your own emotions. It’s like you know what your friends are feeling and can offer good advice, but you have absolutely no idea about how your heart is doing. You believe that you’re fine and you pat yourself for having moved on quickly. You’ve probably been on a couple of dates since your breakup and you’re telling yourself that this is good. But then, every now and then you hit the lowest point and realise that as a matter of fact, you’re still stuck on your ex. The only way to moving on goes through acceptance. Do that and then work on your feelings instead of being in denial.

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