Virat Kohli Praises Anushka Sharma For Balancing Motherhood And Career. Why Glorify Double Burden?

It's sweet but problematic!

Why are women always burdened with the pressure of perfectly balancing their personal and professional lives? When they successfully do it, their partners hail them as strong and independent women. While it is a good way of hyping a woman, there also lies a problematic mindset underneath. Recently, cricketer Virat Kohli praised his wife Anushka Sharma for managing her duties as a mother and an actress with ease. Well, we appreciate the cricketer’s sweet gesture of applauding his wife but is it okay to glorify a woman’s struggle of going through it all by herself?


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In a recent interview, cricketer Virat Kohli was all praises for his wife Anushka Sharma. He hailed Anushka for managing her responsibilities towards Vamika and her acting career with comfort. Virat Kohli also revealed how Anushka shot an entire movie while managing her life as a mother. He also hailed the transition of his wife from a partner to a mother as the true symbol of a woman’s strength. The cricketer acknowledged Anushka’s efforts in managing her personal duties smoothly while also focusing on her career as an actor.


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What Is The Problem With Virat Kohli’s Statement?

We like the cricketer’s statements about acknowledging his wife’s responsibilities but we also think that this glorification is also normalising a woman’s already overburdened life. The pressure of acting strong and achieving perfection in all the roles as a woman is already a societal expectation and a celebrity making such a statement can have more impact on the general public. It will influence the opinion of men who look up to him. This ends up making a woman’s struggle right but in the garb of being strong and independent! Virat Kohli appreciating Anushka as a strong woman can make other men believe that it’s right!


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Virat Kohli’s genuine intentions of appreciating his wife Anushka Sharma for being the perfect woman is absolutely alright but at the cost of making it sound normal is not!

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