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Urvashi Dholakia Says Women Shouldn’t Be Shamed For Stretch Marks. Malaika Arora, Sameera Reddy Have All Been Saying This

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Of a million bodily changes a woman goes through during pregnancy, the weight gain and what not, the ones that leave a mark behind are the stretch marks. Almost all women are left with those pigmented stripes on their belly because obviously, the stretching and contraction of the tummy does that to your skin. Some women own it, calling it their tiger stripes but then there are some that are shamed for it. Stretch marks are completely normal and natural but sadly, since women are expected to be unflawed, stretch marks are just another thing moms are judged and shamed for. Celebrities are no different. Any time a celeb mom is papped off guard on a beach or their way to the gym or poses in clothing that exposes her tiger stripes, they are brutally trolled for it. Recently, Urvashi Dholakia opened up about why she refuses to hide her stretch marks and rather loves flaunting them.

In an interview with Times of India, she said, “I’m aware of how people try to bully women, who choose to dress a certain way after they become mothers. But I would like to ask, who has made these rules? Koi mujhe rok ke batao (Somebody tell me). I love my body. Stretch marks and cellulite are inconsequential, they are just marks, like a tattoo! My stretch marks are proof that life grew within me, no one can take that away from me.” We totally agree! Celebrity or not, moms are bullied to no end for their post-baby body which is absurd and needs to stop. It’s high time we normalise imperfections like these because they are just real and normal.

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The mom of two sons who are in their 20s now, Dholakia has always exuded body confidence and inspired moms to embrace their flaws too. She said women shouldn’t resist from posting pictures where their stretch marks are showing. They should do it unapologetically and proudly. “Also, posting such pictures is not about making a point. I don’t see the need to make one. I don’t remember anybody questioning a man who roams shirtless on a beach after he’s become a father. The same rule applies here. I was at the pool and this is what people across the globe wear to the pool. You only live once. I don’t think we should waste our time in explaining our actions,” she said.

Women are often embarrassed with their stretch marks because they think they are unappealing and ugly. However, it’s the constant shaming by trolls and the set standards of beauty that makes us think so. We edit them out in their photos, cover them up with clothes and are always conscious about them. A few weeks ago, another celebrity, Malaika Arora was also trolled for her stretch marks which she didn’t exactly intend to show but didn’t hide either. Although there were people who shamed her for it, some even defended her by saying that there’s nothing for her to be ashamed of. These are just normal changes that literally every woman goes through and there’s absolutely no need to make a hype about it. 

We are glad more celebrity moms are posting real body content and normalising postpartum changes in body, be it Sameera Reddy, Neha Dhupia or Urvashi Dholakia. These women are making a strong case for body-positivity by getting real about skin issues by showing off their beauty stripes. They are inspiring other women to appreciate their stretch marks too, because really, they’re no big deal!

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