8 Types Of Men We Want To Leave Behind In 2023

Avoid these red flags, ladies!
8 Types Of Men We Want To Leave Behind In 2023

The conversation around red flags was quite prominent this year, wasn’t it? Women actively discuss the major red flags in a man and well, are not ready to ignore such signs any more. Ab khair, 2023 is over and we may or may not have missed some of the red flags in men, but let’s try not to ignore them in the coming year. Here’s a list of some toxic traits in men that we want to leave behind this year!

Men Who Love Gaslighting!

A big NO to men who are pro-max at gaslighting and manipulating their partners. Well, if you are partner always manages to convince you that “YOU ARE THE PROBLEM”, that’s called gaslighting, ladies!

Insensitive AF!

A big red flag is the man is insensitive towards you, your behaviour or anything important for the relationship. I mean, how much does it take to be considerate about emotions?

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Men Who “Allow” Women!

Oh well, we don’t need men anymore who are okay with “allowing” women to do certain things, or live a certain way. What is “I allowed her to wear jeans”?

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Men Who Forget Boundaries!

Women need to understand the importance of consent in a romantic relationship or otherwise as well. It should be our motto to no longer tolerate men who don’t know their boundaries!

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Have A Problem With Feminism!

Ladies, we should leave such men behind. The ones who frown at you when you accept being a feminist or maybe who don’t like it when you are being vocal about your opinions!

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Emotionally Unavailable!

Na, na, make sure you only settle for guys who are emotionally available for you because it is important! Well, maybe we can lower the expectations a little but that’s the least, okay?

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Men Who Shout!

Raising their voice over a certain decibel just to prove a point? Red flag, ladies!

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Do you want to add more to this list?

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