Twitter Reviews Of ‘Vikram Vedha’ Are Collectively Simping Over Hrithik Roshan. Totally Understandable!

If you are waiting for a movie release and still have last-minute doubts about whether to watch it or not, I think Twitter is the best place for you. LOL! They will confuse you even more! So, I was really looking forward to  Vikram Vedha starring Hrithik Roshan, my favourite, and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles and it’s finally here. The movie hit the theatres on September 30, and the Twitterati is here to discuss it like always. Well, I would really not rely on the reviews, personally, because they are polarising, however, I was glad to see the Twitter reviews for the movie Vikram Vedha. One because they, because they are all in sync, and second, most importantly because Hrithik’s performance is being hailed by them all.

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Vikram Vedha is the remake of a Tamil film of the same name. The movie has been directed by the talented duo, Pushkar-Gayathri. The genre is action and thriller. Now, there are two schools of thought on Twitter about this film. First, the people who are appreciating the movie solely as it has been presented and the others who have already had a level of expectation to be fulfilled because they had seen the original version.  However, the latter one was definitely overshadowed by all the positive reviews. 


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Most of the Twitter users have given a fair and decent opinion on Vikram Vedha. They appreciated the script, acting, and direction in the film.

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But, what you will definitely notice in the Twitter reviews on Vikram Vedha, is the fact that the users are swooning and drooling over Hrithik Roshan’s presence in the movie. They are not only appreciating him for his powerful performance but the entry scene of him as Vedha has also become the talk of the town. Well, that reminds me of his entry in the movie War, he is good at it, undoubtedly!


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I am happy to see so much love and compliments pouring in for my favourite actor. Also, the fact that after a long time a remake has been so immensely appreciated is something to take note of. Because clearly, you will hardly see one or two Twitter reviews that are bad or express disappointment in the film. So, this time I guess Twitter did not confuse me with the reviews.

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