Twitter User Says Kriti Sanon Is Wrong Person To Play Sita In Adipurush. Internet Puts Some Sense Into Him!

Please get a job man!

Another day and another person spreads unnecessary negativity with their unwanted opinions on social media. It has now become so repetitive to question an actress’s worth when she played the role of a mythological character on screen. A Twitter user put forth a similar comment again on actress Kriti Sanon who will play the role of Sita in Om Raut’s Adipurush. This Twitter user expressed his absolute dissent with the decision to cast Kriti Sanon for the role because of her previous movie characters. Many other users criticised the comment and put some real sense into this unnecessary dialogue.


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A Twitter user by the name of Rakesh Krishnan Simha shared a picture of Kriti Sanon from the song Thumkeshwari to prove his point that she was not fit to play the role of Sita in Om Raut’s Adipurush. The user also wrote that her “Vulgar” performances in Bollywood songs make her the “Wrong” person to play the role of Sita. 

Other users slammed this comment and argued that she was an actress who is just doing her job! Well, I wonder why the Twitter user failed to realise this! How dull-witted can someone be to judge an actress for choosing a range of roles as a part of her job? 

Another user argues why only an actress’s purity and piousness are questioned for playing such roles and not an actor’s when he portrays characters like Ram and Laxman in film. This is exactly the reason why society is called a hypocrite!

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There were many other comments under the tweet that slammed the man’s narrow-minded perspectives.

I wonder why such people bother to openly give their worthless opinion when it adds no value to society but rather portrays another regressive mindset. Something from we all are trying hard to get out. Let the actresses do their job, and these trolls should find one!

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