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Twitter Schooled Rujuta Diwaker After She Slammed An Eve Teaser By Saying “You Are Not Shahrukh Khan.” Erm, Is It Okay If A Film Star Molests Women?

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Nutrition Expert Rujuta Diwekar is no stranger to making epic Twitter flubs. From connecting chutney to women liberation to calling “tea with milk rare” she has done it all to make Twitterati go WTF. Now, I admit most of the time, she is just trying to say the right thing or make a point on social and trending issues, but most often than not, it happens that somewhere along the tweet she completely loses the point and rather ends up offending her followers with her ignorant and absurd POVs.

Recently, she managed to outrage Twitter clan, once again. This time she called out a middle-aged eve teaser who allegedly overtook and turned around his cycle while she was on road. If you are wondering what’s wrong in that, wait till you read the full tweet. Here’s what she tweeted, “Dear middle aged men on geared cycles, A woman riding a cycle on the road is neither an opportunity nor a threat. Don’t huff & puff, change gears, overtake and turn around to look. You are not Shahrukh Khan.”

She started off the tweet making a strong point about eve teasing on road but then she goes on saying “You are not Shah Rukh Khan” and her point goes amiss. Was she implying that if Shah Rukh Khan did it, she would be okay with it? This got netizens shaking their heads in disappointment and they schooled her on how all men, regardless of their age, profession and status should behave themselves on the road.

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Film stars don’t get a free pass for eve-teasing just because they are celebrities. Being a celebrity herself, she should know better. We anyway live in a country where Bollywood stars are literally worshiped and get away with anything, even rapes and murders and a tweet like this just problematic on so many levels. Also, why slam only middle-aged men? Do younger men not harass women on road? Or they too are conveniently forgiven instead of being held accountable for their actions? This tweet is so biased and ridiculous, I am cringing while typing this. She clearly could have been more careful and framed her tweet better. She unknowingly implied that Shah Rukh Khan could probably do it but not a middle aged common man.

Twitter was not clearly gonna have it. A twitter user wrote “The tweet was going so nice and the last sentence ruined it. So, Shahrukh Khan can do it and normal guys shouldn’t do? Common sense applies to all. Even to Super Heroes.” Another commented, “You just hate common men….and love man who are celebrity …..and they are allowed to do anything to you ….so problem is not with the men …but is in you mind.” A twitter user mentioned how this tweet is “Normalising bullying for film stars.”

I hate to admit but this also shows how Bollywood has been feeding eve-teasing to its audience and gift-wrapping it as a hilarious act of admiration by the roadside romeos. Probably the same audience who laugh at such scenes goes on imitating their behaviour on road. I can totally imagine Shah Rukh Khan eve-teasing his heroine on road in a 90s movie and the audience finding it romantic. This is not normal behaviour and absolutely unacceptable.

So, Rujuta here was probably trying to mean it as a sarcastic insult to the eve teaser (though I still don’t understand how that helped make a point), but clearly that was a wrong way to put it. And so it misfired at her bad. She unintentionally implied that it may be acceptable for a film star like Shah Rukh Khan to turn around his cycle and wolf-whistle a woman or harass her on road but not for a random middle aged man on a cycle. Why, is it amusing for a woman to be harassed by Shah Rukh Khan? Is it okay if a celebrity molested you on road? Um, hell no!

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