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This 12-YO Girl Blamed The Pants For Not Fitting Her, Saying Her Thighs Are ‘Too Powerful’ For Them. It’s A Lesson On Body Positivity We All Need To Learn

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We women have this natural tendency to panic every time we gain a few extra pounds or outgrow our favourite pair of jeans, even if we don’t constantly obsess over our weight. I am someone who doesn’t watch my weight and hog unapologetically (snacks, sweets, you name it) but I would be lying if I said struggling to squeeze into a dress that fit me like a dream a few weeks ago doesn’t bother me. In fact, it makes me recall all the calories I had devoured that week and pledge to go on a diet, which doesn’t last longer than a day but that’s a different story.

However, this really messed up idea that not fitting into your former clothes is a sin only developed in all of us with age. As a kid, we had a sense of pride and accomplishment every time we grew too big for our T-shirts or found out we were too tall for our pants (and it also meant we were officially eligible for a brand-new wardrobe). But after growing up, growing out of clothes becomes extremely annoying and busting seams make us contemplate our eating habits, which is problematic and leads to negative body image issues.

Well, all the women who think of outgrowing clothes as a defeat and blame themselves for not working out enough when they can’t fit into their clothes could take notes on body positivity from this girl who rather than blaming her body, blamed the pants for being too weak to fit her. A mom of a 12-year-old shared an incident on Twitter of her shopping with her daughter that has everyone idolising her attitude towards her body. She wrote, “My 12yo just tried on a pair of snow pants that were too small and said ‘I think my thighs & butt are too powerful for these pants’. Just think how quickly the #diet industry would fail if more of us thought like her.” How empowering!


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Twitter users were quite impressed with the little girl’s self-confidence and positive outlook towards her body type. A user wrote, “I say let’s put this little powerhouse in charge of retraining all of our brains when it comes to self-image. Brilliant.” Another wrote, “My 50 year old self is humbled by her 12 year old sense of self-worth. She could rule the world!”

Another mom also shared a similar incident with her daughter. She wrote, “When my daughter was 12-13yo she told me ‘something’s wrong with these pants, something happened to them’, when she couldn’t pull them up all the way. It’s always the pants with the problem girl, your body is perfect in all of its changing and evolving ways.” The pre-teens today are demonstrating a better case for body positivity and self-love while we are struggling to accept ourselves. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from these girls and set better examples for them when they grow older.

Too often we go into guilt trip about eating that dessert or skipping gym and force ourselves into weird diets just because we can’t squeeze into our favourite pair of jeans anymore. It’s sad that it takes something as natural and normal as outgrowing our clothes by an inch or two for us to go into self-introspection and feel negative about our bodies. Let’s grow out of this mindset of losing it when we grow out of our clothes and instead get ourselves a brand-new wardrobe every time we do.

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