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These Beauty Bloggers Got Real About Their Skin Struggles On IG. We Are Here For All The Skin Positivity

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It doesn’t really matter to a bad pimple if you are following a healthy diet, drinking gallons of water and sticking by your skincare routine. You can spend all the time and money in the world on your skincare and a pesky pimple will still find a way and pop out of nowhere, conveniently on an exceptionally important day, if you are unlucky enough. Clearly, it happens to the best of us. Even the famous ones. But weird how we hardly anyone famous real-talking about struggling with acne, facial hair or large pores. Don’t they go through these skin woes? Of course they do; all of them do, but some prefer to hide it behind a cute IG filter, generous amount of makeup or behind photo editors.

In the recent past, we have seen celebrities changing course of unrealistic beauty standards and getting honest about their skin issues. It was so empowering to see they are not some otherworldly skin goddesses but only real women with real problems like us. Honestly, I could have never imagined an actress I saw flaunting glistening skin on a magazine with an acne patch at home. But it’s great that they finally got real about how they too get dark circles, breakouts, uneven skin texture and proved there is no such thing as flawless beauty.

To our pleasant surprise, beauty influencers followed suits and decided the join the “lets get real bandwagon” too (yes, those whose income depends on picture-perfect selfies with spotless skin). We have been spotting beauty enthusiasts posting real skin pictures sans filter and talking about how their skin acts up from time to time and it’s only the most real thing ever.

Here is how some beauty bloggers are embracing their skin woes on their social media and smashing the superficial idea of beauty, one post at a time. These are hands down the real (stress on real) beauty queens.

Debasree, a beauty influencer whose artistic eye makeup could sway even a makeup hater to try on some of her looks, recently posted a close-up high def picture of herself where she is confidently showing of her pores, facial hair and not-so picture-perfect skin. She captioned the post, “THIS is what makeup looks like in real life. There’s textures, ridges, pores, and hair on your face. Love yourself for exactly how you look, and don’t feel bad if your makeup doesn’t end up looking like you see on Insta. We always strive to be better and love what we have. Okay?”

This is so true. I’ll tell you from experience, every time I tried to recreate a makeup look posted by a beauty blogger, the results look far from what they show (several times zooming in, too). Before you judge my makeup skills and the ability to follow a tutorial, let me tell you I am not a noob. The problem was even after packing my face with concealer, colour corrector and what not, my base makeup looked nothing like theirs and I used to blame it on the products but guess it was the work of the camera and filters used by them.

Another beauty and fashion blogger Aashna Shroff also posted a photo of herself some time back where she talked about how sharing insecurities like these on a public platform can be hard for an influencer. She said she had to deal with negative comments that impact her to great lengths but she has now come to being more comfortable in her own skin. She wrote in the caption, “‘You have pimples, yuck!’, ‘Omg look at her skin without makeup!’ Ever since I went bare faced in front of the camera a few years ago, I’ve always had to deal with comments like this. I’ve always been very honest about my acne, & over the years, today I’m a lot more confident stepping out bare faced. But in the beginning, I was absolutely petrified. And every small comment affected me, and sometimes even made me cry. So I know how much courage it takes to speak about something that makes you vulnerable. I decided that I was #biggerthanthem and bigger than my insecurities and all the negative comments.”

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Not just the Indian beauty bloggers but influencers around the world are popping the bubble of Insta-perfect beauty and showing what really lies beneath the layer of foundation and selfie filters. Omani Youtuber Ayesha Amir is a makeup blogger who keeps reminding her social media fam that beauty is not having smooth and spotless skin. She captioned her latest ‘real beauty’ post, “Just a little reminder that you are still beautiful with acne, scars, pores, stretch marks and etc.. You don’t need flawless skin or body to show your beauty to this world!! The world can be very cruel when it comes to stuff like acne, weight and marks but always try to ignore such people because they know nothing about you or what you are going through!!

These inspiring posts are a reminder that what you see on the social media, those gorgeous Instagram selfies are just one unrealistic illusion and not the whole story. Everyone has their fair share of skinemies be it breakouts, ridges, large pores or pesky skin flare-ups. Filtered selfies are merely a beauty mirage that shouldn’t make you think any less of yourself in any way. It’s incredibly empowering and inspiring to see these beauty influencers who don’t shy away from showing their real skin woes on social media and accept the fact that they go through the same skin struggles as we all do. Not only that, they put the unrealistic beauty standards to bed and advocate the idea of real, imperfect beauty. We love this skin positivity on otherwise toxic and superficial social media. So, kudos to them!

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