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Soufflé Makeup Is The Dreamiest Summer Trend And Beauty Minimalists Are Loving It

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Any woman who has gone out on a hot summer day with a full face of makeup has returned looking like a popsicle of foundation a couple hours later. Makeup melting off is a real problem whether you have oily skin or you simply sweat a lot. Happens to the best of us. The only thing that can save you is a makeup fixer or setting spray but sometimes, even that doesn’t help. The root cause is this makeup faux pas is a heavy face makeup. You apply multiple products like a foundation, concealer, colour corrector, highlighter, serum to get that perfect base and a full coverage which is not too humidity-friendly and comes gliding off your face. We get it; a smooth, flawless base was the only Insta-approved look but things have changed. With celebs and influencers putting up real content out there and minimal makeup boosting in the pandemic, light base makeup is the new trend on the block.

Speaking of which, the makeup trend that has sprouted from this ideology of keeping things minimal beauty wise, is soufflé makeup. You guessed it right. The trend has got its name from the fluffiest, yummiest and light as cloud, soufflé and for the right reason because it looks as heavenly as the French dessert. It entails covering your face with just a right amount of foundation and blush for a fresh summer look. Instead of layering dozens of face makeup products, keep your base makeup smooth and feather light as a soufflé. 

After the glass skin trend, dolphin skin and other heavy base makeup trends, this one is a refreshing look for summer. In the last year, beauty buffs have shifted the focus to better skincare routine and have let go of heavy makeup looks. Also, soufflé makeup is not just about creating a sheer coverage but also the kind of products you use. You need non-comedogenic products that are lightweight, water-based and have a mousse-like consistency and texture. Makeup products that check these boxes will help your skin breathe, won’t clog pores and save the (hot) day.     

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Here is how you can achieve the latest beauty trend that you are going to see over your social media feeds and on celebs all summer, soufflé makeup. Start with a cleansed face and prep with a lightweight moisturiser. Skipping on moisturiser isn’t an option. You can skip on the foundation though and simply use concealer on the spots you feel the need like dark circles, pigmentation and redness for an even-toned skin and flawless complexion. If you use foundation, get a mousse or liquid foundation for a light coverage. Next, put a sheer illuminating blush for a pretty flush on your cheeks and that’s it. You could finish the look and set your makeup by dusting a translucent powder. 

This look makes perfect sense for summer makeup since it would last longer and won’t smudge of melt off easily. Since you are only using a few products on your face and that too pretty light and sheer, it would give you a natural base effortlessly. Heavy base makeup and an extensive makeup routine is so 2020 anyway. It’s all about making things simpler, lighter and still gorgeous in 2021, much like the creamy soufflé.  

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