This Sustainable Fashion Brand Sells Preloved Clothes And Give Back To Society By Donating The Sale Proceeds. This Is Great!


Regardless of how trying and frustrating this year has been, there have been some upsides to this pandemic. One of them is people finally becoming more conscious about their buying habits. In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about sustainability in fashion and how the we can make a big difference by simply by repeating or recycling old clothes and donating the ones we have no use of anymore. A number of preloved fashion brands have also come up which sell pre-worn clothes and contribute to a sustainable future. One such brand is a Chennai-based start-up The Cause Wear that offers preloved clothing. However, there’s more. The revenue from the sale of these preloved clothes goes to the welfare of women and children.

The brainchild of 27-year-old Shreya Jain, The Cause Wear stands true to its name. The environmentally and socially conscious brand has a range of preloved clothes donated by people who believe in sustainable fashion. The proceeds from the sales go towards social causes like women empowerment and education of children. They also help transgender community and people from a lower economic background to help them financially to aid rent, food and basic survival needs.

The brand is an online thrift store operational on Instagram currently where you can place your orders for the preloved clothes. The collection includes both women’s and men’s wear clothing items such as shirts, tops, dresses, sweaters, kurtas and suits at very affordable prices. However, the difference this small amount makes in the lives of a person in need is huge. This brand is fulfilling two very important purposes in today’s times through the medium of fashion and we love this initiative.


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In an interview with YourStory, Jain revealed how she came up with the concept for the brand. A jewellery designer for two years, she ventured out to make a difference in the society by “doing something bigger with an industry that’s commercialised and profit-driven.” She got inspired by a friend’s NGO and to start with, she donated some 500 pieces from her own wardrobe at various exhibitions to gauge the response and take the brand further. After receiving positive response and being convinced that people were interested in buying previously used clothes, she found her calling and founded The Cause Wear to raise funds for social causes by selling preloved clothes.

The brand doesn’t believe in donating only to NGOs and orphanages and instead helps the people struggling to make ends meet with a direct approach to. She said, “We don’t just look at donating money to an NGO since it’s a short-term serotonin rush. Instead, we help people and groups in need of immediate support and work to a point where they can be self-sufficient.”


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Lately a lot of celebrities have been advocating and encouraging their fans and followers to support sustainable fashion by invest in preloved clothes and repeating and recycling old clothes in their closet. The pandemic has shifted the ideologies and focus of fashion brands too which are now going seasonless, producing judiciously and motivating their customers to contribute to be conscious of what and how much they stock up too. Slow and sustainable fashion is the way forward and brands like The Cause Wear which not only promote sustainability but are also making a social impact by helping marginalised communities is really wonderful.

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