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Soundarya Sharma Says Her Mantra To Staying In Such Great Shape Is Ghar Ka Khana. So, Our Moms Were Right All Along?

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For some three to four years that I’ve been away from home, the only thing I have terribly missed every day is homecooked food. It was not just the whole tiring process of ordering in (which included scavenging through dozens of menus, waiting for the food to arrive and the gamble involved as to whether it would turn out worthy of all the time and money), but also the guilt of putting unhealthy food in my body on the daily basis that made me almost book my tickets and run home.

No matter how healthy you try to eat from outside (I could never, with the salads and soups, TBH), nothing beats the ghar ka khana, whether you are trying to shed some pounds or generally want to adopt to a healthier lifestyle. And, in case you didn’t know, this is exactly what most celebrities swear by to stay fit too. Ranchi Diaries actor Soundarya Sharma who has one of the most coveted bodies in the showbiz recently spilled some beans on how she remains so fit and fabulous. And, the one thing she credits for her perfect body is homecooked meals. I can already hear my mom yelling ‘I told you so’!

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Talking about her diet plan she said, “For breakfast, I have oats or multigrain toast. Around mid-afternoon, I have cucumber water. For lunch, I have sauteed vegetables, a bowl full of beans or lentils, no carbs. Sometimes, I eat dal and rice. I have one cup of black coffee and for dinner, I have salad. Ghar ka khana is my mantra.” Obviously, she doesn’t only rely on healthy homecooked food and works out regularly too, a concept lost on most of us (me, I am most of us). During the lockdown, she spent her days breaking a sweat with different forms of exercises and workout regimes.

She said, “I hiked for 10 miles a day to channelise my energy. Since there were no gyms, I found fitness lying in the lap of nature. I never imagined I could hike for even two-three miles, and I used to do a minimum of 11 miles. I’d get up at 5am and by 5.30am, I was out walking or running, witnessing the beautiful sunrise and natural beauty.” She also did underwater workout and yoga, while I spent the entire lockdown lazing on bed while pinning my hopes on homecooked food for shedding some kilos. Oh, well!

In the lockdown everyone was having homecooked meals since restaurants were shut and we were forced to hone our culinary skills to satiate our taste buds. However, most of us ended up gaining weight. Why? Because simply depending on homecooked food isn’t enough. Sharma stresses on striking a perfect balance between working out and eating right for achieving a super-toned figure like hers and staying fit. She said, “I don’t think an intense workout will give you a great body. What we eat is important.”

She then dropped some diet tips she follows during the day to make sure she maintains her great shape. “I eat small portions. I start my day with coconut water, then green tea or jasmine tea, 10 almonds soaked overnight, walnuts and even basil seeds,” she said. She also added how you could make small changes in your lifestyle and make the process effortless and seamless. She said, “Don’t listen to anyone telling you what to do and what to eat, drink lots of water and sleep well, don’t eat after 7-7.30pm. Switch to ragi or multigrain flour.” Well, that sounds easy! BRB, making a diet plan!

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