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Sonam Kapoor Shares Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin. It Has Nothing To Do With Pricey Products

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After my mom and the beauty-savvy BFF of mine, I think celebrities are the ones I look up to for any kind of skincare advice. It only makes sense since they have skincare experts on their speed dial from whom they have been learning skin-saving tips like how to avert a pimple situation before any big event. They have so many tips and tricks up their sleeves, no wonder they look on fleek all the freakin’ time! It’s only through their interviews or Instagram feed that we get to know what they actually do to make sure they never have a bad skin day. During the lockdown, a lot of celebs took upon themselves to share these pearls of wisdom with their followers and revealed their best-kept secrets, DIY recipes they trust and skincare products they can’t get enough of. Sonam Kapoor one-upped this trend and started her own beauty series called Vanity Vignettes on her Instagram where she shares snappy and informative beauty advice that she follows for good skin and great hair.

She recently released the fifth episodes of the Instagram series where she talked about three skincare tips for healthy, glowing skin. Before you assume that it is about swearing by a pricy product or following a multistep routine, it is not. These tips are simple habits related to your food and water intake which is extremely manageable and easy. Plus, it won’t require you to spend hours or a hundred bucks to achieve great skin. She captioned the video “Vanity Vignettes EP5 When it comes to skin, I don’t take things for granted. From drinking at least 4 bottles of water a day to munching on delicious bowls of salad — I do it all. In today’s episode of #VanityVignettes, I share my top 3 tips for glowing skin. Watch it and tell me yours?”

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Here are the three tips Sonam Kapoor shared in the video for glowing skin.

Tip 1: Hydrate

The first tip is to hydrate and drink gallons of water everyday. “Water! Water is the best thing for your skin. Dehydration is not good for your skin, not good for your body, not good for anything – your mental health, physical health…nothing but water is essential, important and amazing. Keep drinking a lot of water,” she said as she finished taking a big sip of water from her bottle herself. Hydrated body means hydrated and healthy skin and Sonam stresses on following this tip by saying ‘hydrate yourself’ three times before moving on to the next tip. And, honestly, I am convinced.

Tip 2: Omega Intake

The second tip for healthy skin is omegas. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids could change your skincare game as they control sebum production, balance hydration and even slows down your ageing clock. Sonam lists down some food items that you can swear by to get plenty of these nutrients. She said, “If you are a non-vegetarian, fish is the best way to get your omegas. If you’re a vegetarian then I would suggest you to get it from nuts, seeds, walnuts, different chia seeds, lotus seeds or vegetable oils like olive oil, sunflower oil. These are all amazing for your skin.”

Tip 3: Include Fibrous Food In Your Diet

Lastly she recommends having fibrous fruits and veggies. This is a no brainer since what you eat reflects on your skin. Having a healthy meal and a fibre-rich diet can ensure the good health of your skin. Sonam also says that since these foods get you full quicker and are low in sugar. “There are a lots of vegetables, lots of fruits which are low in sugar and salads because the more fibre you have, the fuller you’ll get and the cleaner your system would be. So chop out that carrot, chop out that broccoli, doodhi (bottle gourd), anything. Just have lots of vegetables,” says Sonam Kapoor as she signs off.

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