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Sonam Kapoor Relies On These 3 Skin-Loving Beauty Products Every Time She Steps Out

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Celebrities are just like us. They have skin issues, their makeup melts off two hours into the day and they too have bad hair days. However, they have one advantage over us that makes them look flawless 24X7. It’s the access to beauty experts and a bus load of people to help them with their woes. After years of being in the showbiz and spending hours in the green room with these pros, they have learned some best fixes and hacks and also some of the must-have products that they are recommended to use to keep their skin healthy. The good thing is that these celebrities believe in sharing and don’t keep this valuable information just to themselves. They gladly spill their best-kept beauty secrets with us. Sonam Kapoor does it regularly with her Vanity Vignettes series on Instagram where she shares her skincare routine, hacks and tips with her followers.

In Episode 4 of this Instagram beauty series, Sonam talked about the three products she doesn’t leave the house without applying and urges everyone to follow this little routine too. She wrote in the caption of the video, “Well, when it comes to essentials I use before leaving my house (which is such a rarity these days), I swear by these few products. Running errands, out for an event or a trip to my favourite bookstore — no matter where I’m headed, if I’m out the door, this is what I do for sure.” The three products she recommended everyone to use were a Vitamin C serum, sunscreen and lip tint or lip balm. 

The three products she talked about are essential to protect skin from UV damage, premature ageing and dryness. While Vitamin C serum keeps your skin bright and moisturised and in the long run, helps with hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots. Sonam Kapoor suggests getting one that’s prescribed by your doctor if it’s not an OTC one. She used MZ Skin’s Vitamin C Serum which she says is the best one she has found in the market. 

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The next skincare product she uses is a sunscreen and well, this one’s a no brainer. No one, I repeat no one should be skipping a sunscreen from their daily skincare routine. Not on a cloudy day and not even inside the house. It defends your skin from sun damage, sunburn and a million other skin problems that sprout from sun exposure. Sonam also shared a hack that she uses to make her regular sunscreen a tinted one. She mixes two drops of her foundation with her sunscreen and blends it on her face to get a protected layer and seamless base at the same time. Lastly, she never leaves home without hydrating her lips with a lip balm. She uses the tinted lip oil from beauty brand Hourglass. You can use any clear or tinted lip balm that you have to make sure your lips don’t dry out during the day. 

She says she absolutely swears by these three skincare products whether or not she leaves the house. She also asked the followers to share what they do before they step out inviting some beauty suggestions from women. “What are the steps you follow before stepping out of the house? I’m curious to know. Tell me in the comments below. I’m reading all of them,” she says. Until the next episode of Vanity Vignettes drops, I’ll go make sure I have these three products stocked and maybe drop in a comment on her video about how the only thing I can remember to do before stepping out nowadays is sanitise and wear a mask.  

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