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Sameera Reddy Says She Has Faced Flak For Being Real On Social Media And Showing Her Grey Hair In The Past.

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Finding a needle in a haystack is probably easier than finding authentic content on social media. In the world of beauty filters and photoshopped images, getting real about your crooked teeth and dark circles is a big deal which a lot of “influencers” and celebrities fail to acknowledge. I mean, we see their morning selfies with plump skin and perfectly brushed hair, while we wake up with parched skin and bed hair that looks like we’ve been in a bar fight. Although everyone puts up their best pictures on their Instagram, the truth is one looks good 24/7, not even celebrities. It’s weird how we desperately want celebrities to break this stereotype of looking flawless all the time, but when someone actually tries to be real, we thrash them down. Sameera Reddy always strives to show the real, relatable and perfectly imperfect side of her through her posts but turns out, people judge her for even that. We don’t get why exactly?

While talking to Indian Express, Reddy opened up about how she was judged for showing her grey hair. Not only men, but women DMed her saying she is promoting the wrong idea of beauty by telling women how they should look like. But isn’t she doing just the opposite by smashing the stereotype of ageless beauty that women are expected to carry? When asked about the worst experience of being judged, Reddy recalled, “I don’t really remember as I don’t really care. But yes, a lot of people went after my white hair. I have no idea why. I got comments like, ‘Why cannot you cover it up?’ or ‘What’s wrong with you’. I had girls saying, ‘Why are you misrepresenting what we should look like,’ and it made no sense to me.” It makes no sense for us too. 

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Guess what? Women age and they show wrinkles, grey hair and saggy skin and that’s just natural and normal. What makes women think they should cover these ageing signs up is the beauty norms and societal expectations on women to hold on to their youth. Why can’t women just age gracefully and show the fine lines and white hair without being judged for it? Sameera thinks the age-old beauty standards that are prescribed to us are to be blamed for such school of thought. She added, “Social media is not a platform where you can please everybody. We have been fed such unreal standards of beauty that we have now become victims and part of this process that one cannot break.”

Despite being criticised for being herself, she still doesn’t back out and her Instagram posts are proof. Honestly, her account is where I would stumble upon whenever I want some lessons on body positivity or self-love. She often posts her real pictures with no filter or makeup fixes. In one of her posts, she wrote, “No Botox , no filter , nothing. It’s easy to doubt ourselves at many points. Especially when we grow a year older a few years ago I almost caved under pressure that we inflict on ourselves! I wanted to cover up my age with a million fixes and I’m so grateful I chose not to . I’m at peace with myself and that’s priceless . It was hard especially after being in business that was all about appearances.” 


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These posts naturally inspire her million female followers to embrace the real beauty and accept themselves. She added, “I got such sweet msgs from women saying how happy they felt I openly said I was turning 42 this month because it reminded them to embrace and enjoy the process themselves. Letting go of all fears, feeling good at any age and most important making peace with ones body and mind is really exhilarating happiness is in your hands.” 

It takes a great deal of courage and self-confidence to show yourself unedited and unfiltered, especially when you are a celebrity and we don’t really see a lot of celebs taking that path. At least Sameera Reddy is, and it’s great that this meaningless criticism doesn’t stop her from being her true self and advocating natural beauty which is full of flaws and realness.  

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