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Rosamund Pike Once Visited India For Ayurvedic Therapy, Would Love To Visit Again. Always Welcome!

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I believe that just like people, one can feel connected to places, wouldn’t you agree? And it doesn’t even have to be your hometown or somewhere you have memories. There are certain places where you automatically feel like you belong. I personally remember feeling that way at this monastery I had visited in Karnataka and I still dream of going back there someday. Hence, I completely understand what Rosamund Pike means when she says that she wants to return to India for another visit after having come here in 2010 for an Ayurvedic Treatment.

Rosamund Pike first visited India in 2010 to learn more about the culture and to be able to get a break from modern distractions in an Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala. Rosamund recalls the first trip very fondly saying, “I was writing a travel article. Actually, it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I went with my partner, actually very early on in our relationship, which was probably (which led to) people saying, ‘you did what?’”

She then talked about her experience at the Ayurvedic hospital saying, “We had all our possessions taken away from us on arrival. We were just given this pair of white pyjamas. So, we were really stripped to our complete essential selves, with no phones, none of the crutches of modern life, no caffeine, no cigarettes, in his case, and no alcohol.”

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Rosamund Pike talks about how beneficial the ayurvedic treatment was, going on to say that it is helpful not only from a health perspective but also from a creative perspective. ( it apparently helps with writer’s block. Could sure use some of that every once in a while!) Rosamund Pike reportedly said, “I have met a lot of Indian people with whom I had fascinating and interesting conversations. I feel there’s a lot of deep thinking in India. I have witnessed it. However, I feel I still think I know too little about India, but I would love to go back.” 

This place sounds heavenly and Rosamund Pike sure sold me on it! I am also very pleased to see so many global celebs being enthralled by Indian culture and want to learn more about it. With our diverse population and vivid history, we sure have a lot to offer!

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