“Dear Neha”, We Agree With Twitter’s Stan On Karwa Chauth Being A Woman’s Choice. Please Don’t Impose Your Opinions!

“Dear Neha”, We Agree With Twitter’s Stan On Karwa Chauth Being A Woman’s Choice. Please Don’t Impose Your Opinions!

Yesterday was one of the biggest festivals in India for women, at least. It was Karwa Chauth. Back in the day, most women would keep the fast for the long life of their husbands. However, nowadays this festival is kind of looked down upon because it oozes patriarchy. In fact, many people even came out and spoke about how women should refrain from keeping such fasts – well, because it can affect their health and because “no man is worth staying hungry for”. One of the many people who spoke about it is the Indian journalist Neha Dixit, who took to Twitter to address the “North Indian sisters” and tell them that no man is good enough for them to stay hungry. Well, needless to say, Twitterati wasn’t happy with what ‘Dear Neha’ had to say.

On October 13, Thursday, a journalist by the name of Neha Dixit took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the festival of Karwa Chauth. In her tweet, she wrote how no man can lead a longer life because a woman stayed hungry for him. She even went on to say how no man is worth staying hungry for.

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On the day of Karwa Chauth, Neha Dixit wrote, “#karwachauth Dear North Indian sisters, No man is worth staying hungry for. No one can have a longer life because you remain hungry for a day. Nothing good has ever come out by staying hungry. You will only be hangry.”

The journalist in another tweet wrote how if a woman liked to dress up, party, have a good meal, shopping, etc. then they should go for it but on a full stomach. She further added that nothing is going to happen to anyone and if something is to happen it will happen. She then shared her day’s menu which included, “Breakfast: dahi jalebi, Mid morning: doda barfi, Lunch: chamcham, Evg snack: besan laddoo, Dinner: chhena rasgulla”.

Needless to say, these tweets on Karwa Chauth did not sit well with Twitterati and they decided to share their thoughts with ‘Dear Neha’. Check out what they had to say:

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Ngl, I have to say, I kinda agree with some of the tweets. I mean, keeping the Karwa Chauth fast is a woman’s choice and that’s about it. Whether you agree with this festival or not, that is your opinion to have, but to ask other women to share your opinion is unacceptable. Dear Neha, if you don’t want to keep the fast, don’t keep it, but don’t tell other women of what they should and shouldn’t be doing – the men and people in their lives are already doing enough of that, don’t add on to it.

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