‘House Of The Dragon’ Ep4 Leaves Fans Wondering How Westeros Has A Better Abortion Policy Than The United States

‘House Of The Dragon’ Ep4 Leaves Fans Wondering How Westeros Has A Better Abortion Policy Than The United States

The latest episode of House Of The DragonKing of the Narrow Sea – is out and there is so much going on. From Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen’s first, steamy kiss to her getting hot and heavy with Ser Christen Cole, there’s just a lot to focus on. But the one thing that this fictional series had that the fans hailed more than anything else was its abortion policy. Yep, the rollercoaster of an episode ended with King Viserys sending a medicinal tea for Rhaenyra who is pregnant, so as to abort her pregnancy. Watching that particular scene, people took to Twitter to hail the abortion policy in Westeros while mocking the US for its policy.

Episode 4 of House Of The Dragon has been creating quite the buzz on social media. And it is not all thanks to the steamy kiss that Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen shared. It is the last scene where King Viserys sends over a medicinal tea to Rhaenyra to get rid of her pregnancy. The scene has had fans saying they prefer the abortion policy of Westeros over the US.

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For those unversed, the last scene in episode 4 of House Of The Dragon, shows Rhaenyra Targaryen being asked to abort her pregnancy if she doesn’t want to carry the child. It further goes on to show, the Maester going to her with an abortion tea that is sent by her father to “rid her of any unwanted consequences.”

This powerful scene in House Of The Dragon made fans extremely happy. In fact, they even took to Twitter to point out how it is easier to get an abortion in Westeros than it is in the United States Of America. For those living under a rock, the US recently overturned the Roe Vs Wade case ruling which had legalised abortion in the country.

Check out some of the reactions:


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Honestly, having watched the House Of The Dragon episode 4 and reading most of the tweets, I have to say I do agree that Westeros definitely has a much more modern abortion policy as compared to the United States which recently changed its policy after they overturned the Roe Vs Wade case.

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