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Forget Potlis And Clutches, All The Cool Brides Are Carrying These Cute Belt Bags On Their Big Day

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A cool bride isn’t someone who keeps her cool during her whole wedding ceremony (no one can, duh) but she is someone who keeps her fashion game on fleek, debuts new trends and opts for chic outfits and accessories. Speaking of which, have you zeroed down on the accessories you are going to sport with your bridal lehenga? See, these minute details often get ignored while you are planning your big day and forget to focus on the little things that can make or break your look. While we are sure you have shopped for your jewellery and heels and your bridal outfit, you don’t have to carry traditional potli bags and clutches with your lehenga. These look good but the brides of 2021 are opting for more convenient, cool and classy belt bags for their wedding.

This is no brainers that brides are decked up from head to toe in heavy jewellery and embellished outfits for all the ceremonies. An added accessory like a bag that you need to carry gets too much to handle. And, in the times of corona, you can’t skip the accessory either, since you would be carrying your tiny sanitiser bottle, an extra mask and some makeup fixes like a mini lipstick with you at all times. Either you need your bridesmaid to carry your essentials for you in her purse or have to walk around with the bag yourself.

A belt bag is that fuss-free (and hands-free) accessory that makes things so much easier and looks super cool too. Anyone who has ever wrapped a waist bag with their casual outfits knows how this is so comfy to carry (I mean, no shoulder marks and the pain to hold the purse). But the good thing is there is a bridal edition too featuring embroidered and embellished ones for the brides. From chain bags to fabric bags, there are so many options that you can choose from. We have handpicked some looks that you can bookmark and shop for the one that goes with your bridal outfit. Take a look.

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Chain bags

These are a perfect mix of traditional and trendy design with a chic golden chain and a cute embroidered pouch that keeps your stuff intact. The best thing about these belt bags is that you can pair them with outfits of any colour. Since the golden chain is versatile, the bag can match or contrast your outfit and complement the whole look. Plus, you can mellow down on the jewellery too since the gorgeous chain around the waist is blingy and eye catching.

Fabric bags


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If you think carrying a bag with an already weighty lehenga would be too cumbersome, you can opt for these fabric belt bags. These are super lightweight and blend with your outfit to the T. It could be as roomy or tiny as you want it to be and you can simply detach the clutch from the belt and use them with a saree or even use as is for a casual look. You can get these made from the same designer you are getting your bridal outfit made since it would require the same fabric and design on it.

Mini waist bag


If you are thinking of getting a cummerbund for your bridal look, you might as well make a tiny adjustment, or addition to be precise, to it and get a mini bag attached to the belt. This bridal belt bag sits on your midriff and looks extremely offbeat and gorgeous. These are quite small and could barely hold a lipstick for quick touchup and maybe a hand sanitiser so it’s perfect for a carefree bride. Even if you don’t intend to keep anything, you could still get it just to add this really cute accessory to your bridal look.

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