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#Culture: Eye Makeup Is Stealing The Show In Corona Times Since That’s The Only Thing You Can See Over Masks. The Looks Are Gorgeous!

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Before the lockdown, when things were “normal” normal, not new normal, my everyday makeup involved a detailed 10 to 15-step routine including, but not limited to, a primer, concealer, liner, mascara and some lip colour that I also used as a blush. Since we have been quarantined, I haven’t even touched any of my makeup products. Just some moisturiser and lip balm have been my go-to beauty products and it seemed to be working fine for me.

I had almost kissed my lipsticks goodbye and was making my peace with appearing bare-faced on my zoom meetings and when going out to buy groceries. Although I was not entirely over the moon about it, I thought what’s the point, you can’t see anything under that annoying mask anyway.

But I was wrong. You can totally glam up your face over the mask and look absolutely gorgeous. How? Erm, eye makeup! With eyes being the only thing visible on your face over the mask, eye makeup is gaining momentum in the beauty world.  Turns out, you don’t need a Kylie-esque lipper but just some dramatic eye makeup to look fabulous while wearing your mask.

Instagram is flooded with creative eye makeup looks that people are sporting with a face mask. We started off the year with statement lips being the biggest makeup trend. It’s almost like wearing a mask has shifted the attention from a bold pout to statement eyes. You can ditch your classic red lip or nude lipstick and rather go heavy on the eyes. This “eye makeup over masks” is the only makeup look you’d want to sport in quarantine

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Indian beauty bloggers like Ankita Chaturvedi (@corallistablog) and Alareez D’souza (@curlsandsparkles) have demonstrated some stunning eye makeup looks over masks. While Ankita kept it simple with smudged brown liner and fluttery lashes, Alareez matched her wing with her face mask which looked super pretty. Leave it to these beauty bloggers to make everything, even quarantine, glamourous.

Eye makeup is totally stealing the show in this mask-wearing era and we are loving the creative looks. There are so many styles you can try on if you are looking to experiment with something more than just your regular winged liner and kohled eyes. When you are anyway switching up your face makeup for a creative eye makeup and a lip colour is off-limits, why not go a little over the board and really make the eyes stand out, right?

You can try floating liner, graphic eye makeup, inverse cat eye and glossy lids for your zoom calls or simply for your social media feed. You can even match your eye makeup with your face mask while you are at it, because why not? Keep it subtle and complementary by using the same colours as your mask and you are done. Finish the look by applying a hint of highlighter on your brow bones and cheekbones if you are feeling a little extra. I would suggest keeping things simple for an online office meeting or zoom classes with a swipe of liner, defined brows and oodles of mascara.

Since mask makeup is quite the hype among beauty lovers, eye makeup products have seen a shot in sales since the lockdown started. Eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, liners and brow gels are soaring high on the beauty sales charts.

NYX Cosmetics India even announced an eye makeup contest on their Instagram account using hashtag #BecauseEyeCan and asked Instagrammers to show their creativity while wearing a face mask using their products. They featured the best eye makeup looks with a mask in their posts and we got to see some really interesting and creative eye makeup looks that you can rock over a face mask.

Wearing a face mask is the need of the hour, and we can’t help but cover half the face. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip your makeup completely. You can play up your eye makeup, try out new trends and switch up to a flirty eye makeup, if that’s something you’ve not done before. Why didn’t we think of it sooner?

I don’t know about you but I am going to beat the corona blues by adding some colours to my eye makeup, wearing a coloured liner or mascara or trying out a neon eyeshadow. BRB, going to watch some eye makeup tutorials now.

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