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Doja Cat Snaps Back At Haters Who Aren’t Happy With Her New Look. They Need To Get Over It!

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You know, I love listening to music and I appreciate it when the artists put some extra effort into their outfits and looks. But to be very honest, I believe that it is not a part of their job because music is for the ears only, not for the eyes. However, some people are not ready to understand this simple thing and it is problematic on so many levels. FYI, Doja Cat recently called out people who think she looks unattractive after she shaved her head and eyebrows. Well, it’s none of their business, anyways! 

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On August 4, the 26-year-old rapper debuted her shaved head on Instagram Live and proceeded to shave off her eyebrows in front of her fans. Doja Cat mentioned that she feels she was never supposed to have hair and she doesn’t like having hair. However, she faced backash as some of her fans were not happy with her new look. After receiving so much nagativity, the ‘Say So’ singer decided to call out those people who think that she looks unattractive. In the tweet, she mentioned that she has won a Grammy, travelled the world, made several hit songs but people only care about her looks.  

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In a video, Doja Cat mentioned that people are saying she’s crazy, she’s on drugs or she’s asking for help after she saved her head. She added that she thinks it’s funny that people are shocked over the fact that she is bald now and doesn’t have eyebrows. The ‘Woman’ singer added that she wants her fans to know that this is not a cry for help and she’s really happy with her decision. 

The Grammy-award winning singer also explained why she decided to shave her head  and said that she never liked having hair. 

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Well, some people need to learn how to respect other people’s decision and that’s all. 

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