The Curious Case Of Missing Female Representation In Elon Musk’s Twitter 2.0 Office Is Concerning. Don’t Need An All Boys Club!

We are not liking this change!

Looks like many things have changed since Elon Musk has taken charge of Twitter. The continuous news of the mass resignation from the company and its layoffs are making headlines every other day. In fact, Twitter users went on to theorise that the social media giant would soon shut down too. However, to show that things are fine at the Twitter office,  Elon Musk shared some pictures from a meeting with the coders. But, wait, where are the women? Well, now this is the latest controversy that the social media platform is surrounded with. Waise point toh hai sawaal mein!

A user compared the latest picture of the Twitter employees with the one that was taken before Elon Musk’s takeover. The major difference in both the pictures that was pointed out by the user was that now there are no women employees to be seen in the company. Well, the two pictures quite evidently highlighted the difference between men and women employees. In the first, picture, there is a balance of all genders, however, in the latest pictures posted by Elon Musk, only two women can be seen. 

Now on this user’s tweet, there was a flood of reactions and opinions that the Twitterati came up with. Some were shocked to see this difference, while others asked the user for some stats to back up her claims.


There were hilarious memes also that people came up with on this tweet.

However, the sad part was that many users shamed women for being lazy and incompetent at work, and said that their absence shall prove to be profitable for the company. Are you serious?

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Although I don’t understand the hate. I mean why are people making misogynistic comments under the tweet? It was just an observation by the user which was given some unnecessary perspectives.

#RIPTwitter Trends Amid Mass Resignations, Users Bid Adieu To Twitter As They Fear Shut Down. But We’re Not Ready To Say Goodbye!

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