This Woman Reimagines The Mona Lisa From Different Indian Cities And States. The Results Are Making Us Smile!

Have you ever seen a piece of art that made you realise that you have no talents or hobbies? Well, I felt the same way when I saw this woman’s work and I hope you feel the same way. This woman named Pooja Sangwan reimagined the Mona Lisa from different Indian cities and states and the results are so perfect that it is making us smile. Itna talent laate kaha se hai yeh log?


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As we all know, the Mona Lisa is a masterpiece painted by Leonardo Da Vinci and we see the famous portrait everywhere on the internet but I am sure that this is the best one yet. A woman named Pooja Sangwan reimagined the Mona Lisa from different Indian cities and states and it turned out to be an absolute masterpiece.

She posted a thread that showcases the desi versions of the Mona Lisa if she belonged to different states in the country. It starts with Lisa Mausi, the South Delhi version. Dressed in an elegant saree, she can be seen wearing a pearl necklace and black shades while holding an iPhone and a handbag in her hand.

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She also introduced us to Lisa Tai and Lisa Devi. Lisa Tai is donning a traditional Maharashtrian saree with lots of jewellery but her nath is grabbing all the eyeballs, while Lisa Devi from Bihar is looking beautiful in a simple saree and silver jewellery.

The Mona Lisa from Rajasthan and Kolkata are looking so regal.


The next in the line is the Kerala and Telangana version of the painting, Lisa Mol and Lisa Bomma.

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Lisa Ben from Gujarat and Lisa Mami from Tamil Nadu are looking so gorgeous.

All and all, we are convinced that this Twitter thread featuring the Mona Lisa is the best thing on the internet right now. Tell us your thoughts about this desi avatar of the Mona Lisa.

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