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Chinese Actress Shares How A ‘Slight Nose Trim’ Turned Into A Nightmare After Nose Surgery Went Wrong

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Ask any young girl, a preteen, and she would tell you that there’s nothing she would change in her face or her body. However, ask the same question to a grown-up woman and she would list out a bunch of imperfections that she wished she could alter. Maybe the eyelashes could be fuller, skin tone a bit different or nose could be tinier. Botox, lip augmentation and rhinoplasty or nose job are some common cosmetic procedures that women opt for to enhance their features and look more ‘beautiful’. A lot of women do that, celebrities do that, it’s a no big deal in today’s time, actually. However, they put a lot at stake by going under the knife simply to look certain way. Case in point, Chinese actress Gao Liu whose nose surgery went terribly wrong, costing her two job contracts, tons of money and her natural beauty.

Liu decided to get a cosmetic surgery done after a friend suggested her that although she looked perfect, she could do with a slight nose trim. She got herself admitted to a plastic surgery hospital in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangzhou Province, post which she suffered several nose infections. The procedure wasn’t successful and ended up in a nasal necrosis (death of tissue). She shared the horrible experience with her 5 million followers on her Sina Weibo account on Tuesday. She wrote, “I had thought that these four hours (of surgery) would make me more beautiful, but I didn’t realise that they would be the beginning of a nightmare.”

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She warned her followers about the risks involved with these procedures and urged them to be careful while picking the clinic and professionals since the institution she went to turned out to be unqualified for the procedure, which she got to know about after the surgery. She wrote, “I later found out that the plastic surgery hospital was not qualified to carry out the nose surgery.” The whole incident is truly disturbing and sheds light on the million-dollar industry which is solely making money off insecurities of women. Liu said she was hoping the surgery would help her career. But unfortunately it left her with a necrotic nose because of which two impending roles she had signed were snagged from her. “More importantly, I will also face high breach of contract compensation of 2 million yuan,” she wrote.

It’s sad that women are conditioned to believe that they need to look a certain way and fit into the society’s predetermined beauty ideals. We have been fed this very wrong idea of what is beautiful which prompts many women to resort to such risky measures to modify themselves and fit into that mould. They feel the need to correct their “imperfections” by going for a cosmetic surgery and compromise on a lot in the process simply to attain the superficial standards of beauty set by the society. Netizens were shocked to see the botched-up results and sympathised with the actress. Many even demanded that the Chinese cosmetic industry be properly regulated. We hope she recovers soon.

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