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Chanel Beauty Launches App That Helps You Find Your Dream Lipstick With A Quick Colour Scan And Try It On Too. So Cool!

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For the longest time, I was obsessed with this one colour that I saw on my colleagues phone case. I didn’t know the name for it but wanted a lipstick in that shade. It was somewhere between a bubblegum pink and a rouge pink; peachy but not too much and subtle, like the colour of those peony flowers. Now, obviously, every time I went to a Sephora store and explained this mysterious lip colour inspiration that I only had in my mind, I got nothing but weird looks from the saleswoman. I am usually one of those girls who can tell the difference between 16 shades of beige lipsticks but couldn’t put a finger on this one pinkish lip colour that I wanted. Well, there’s an app from luxury beauty brand Chanel now that lets us scan a colour from a physical or digital image or object, finds the lipstick from over 400 products and lets us try it on virtually too. Where has it been all our life? 

Chanel Beauty’s newly launched app, accurately dubbed as Lipscanner, lets you scan colour from an image, object, or magazine lying nearby and matches with a Chanel lipstick in that exact same shade. Chanel Makeup Creation Studio collaborated with Connected Experience Lab to make this breakthrough and much-needed beauty invention come to life. With the scan feature of the app, you can now literally scan the colour of the printed flowers in your bed sheet, your refrigerator or the dress in your cart on Zara’s app and find the perfect lipstick match for yourself. 

A lot of us have fixated on one colour we desperately wanted a lipstick in but just didn’t know what (On Earth!) was it called, or wanted to get a lip colour in the exact shade as our dress we picked for a special date but couldn’t find a match. This app just makes it so much easier. I mean, you can even scan the colour from someone else’s face and get a Chanel lippie in a jiffy. Though we don’t recommend doing that with complete strangers. 

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The virtual trial of the lipstick colour you scan is another add-on feature on this app which allows you to see how the colour would look on you. Once you scan the colour, the app displays the perfect colour match and texture options from its vast range of lipsticks that you can then shop from the brand’s website, You could scan the red T-shirt you casually picked for the day and find it to be an exact match of Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Color. I mean, I would probably spend hours virtually trying on almost every colour in my vicinity on this app.  

The app uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology to get accurate results from the scanned images and apparently took months of time to bring this to reality. However, it finally launched on February 22, 2021, in 20 countries including France, the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Korea. The Lipscanner app is currently available on iOS and can be downloaded from the Apple Store.  We can’t wait for it to make its debut in India! 

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