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Celebrities Are Making A Strong Case For Athleisure In Lockdown. We Are Digging This Comfy Quarantine Trend

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I love myself some seriously cool workout-wear. I impulsively buy yoga pants, cropped hoodie and casual-chic vest tops even if I have no plans to hit the gym in the near future. In case you didn’t get the memo, gym wear and sweatsuits no more fall in the utilitarian category but are now a fashion statement.

It isn’t like athleisure wasn’t on the fashion map; in fact, it has been having a moment for quite some time now featuring in celeb airport looks, chic street wear et al. However, recently it got promoted to THE fashion trend of the year in the pandemic. Reason is simple. While the formal fashion staples like power suits, short club dress and take a back seat in your wardrobe, sweatsuit is the only preferred item of clothing that’s being deemed fit to lounge in all day. And, celebrities can vouch for that.

Since the pandemic started, celebrities have been relying on the minimal sartorial choices and it largely consists of lounge pants, sweats and leggings, pretty much like all of us. With fashion events and shooting coming to a near stand-still, celebs like Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Kylie Jenner and many others are making comfy athleisure an at-home fashion trend in the lockdown. And these fitness-meets-fashion looks we have spotted are no less than chic. Here are some celeb athleisure looks galore straight from their quarantine diaries.


Athleisure became a celeb fav some time back, not only while they got papped outside the gym but also for their popular airport looks. They took the trend to the streets and sported comfy sportswear on vacations to give us major vacay outfit goals. These functional yet fashionable outfits were thus dubbed the most versatile look in fashion and totally apt to wear on street. Enter pandemic, it is now the hottest quarantine trend to wear at home too (where else?). Seems like celebrities have moved on from pantsuits already and sweatsuits are the new go-to outfit. And can you blame them?

There are so many styles and different trendy looks that can pick from. Your athleisure outfit could be as chic or as casual as you like it to be. There are plenty of bright colours trendy prints and fabric choices that could work for you. The latest trend in sweatshirt is the tie and dye print. This print flooded our Instagram feeds before lockdown in beauty and fashion alike. After taking the manicure world by storm, tie and dye has become a recent favourite in the gymwear aesthetics. To take it up a notch, you could even match your mask with your tie and dye sweats.

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Now, while there may be some time for the knitted sweats weather, you could try some cool printed leggings or baggy trousers and pair them up with a strappy top or cropped jacket in the meanwhile. Or better yet, wear yoga shorts with a loose T-shirt in an abstract print that scream summer chic. Another option is to get yourself really cool joggers and a vest top to go with it. Athleisure styles are endless so you can take your pick according to what works for you.

Not every trend is born on the runways. Some could be purely a product of Instagram or the result of being cooped up in lockdown for months just like this one. There’s a fashion theory that states trend can move up instead of trickling down from designers to the masses and that’s probably what’s happen here. However it popped up (that’s really not what’s important here) one thing’s for sure that while this fashion trend may have emerged in the uncertain times, it is most likely to stick around post pandemic too. Celebs are already on board, what about you?

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